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How to List on AMD’s Practitioner Locator

Barbara Moroney December 6, 2017

Here is the step-by-step, illustrated procedure for creating your entry on our website’s practitioner locator. Note: this service is reserved fo...

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Supplementation and the IonCleanse® by AMD

Neill Moroney February 16, 2016

We at AMD are regularly asked two questions: 1) is supplementation essential with IonCleanse® therapy and 2) does the therapy itself pull out needed...

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Thirteen Years of Quality and Still Going Strong

Barbara Moroney January 24, 2016

Recently one of our customers sent us a picture of the three IonCleanse® by AMD ion footbaths she has used in her practice regularly since she purcha...

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What’s in My Tap Water?

Neill Moroney January 15, 2016

I recently had my home filter and RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems serviced (shame on me, I have not had these systems serviced in about 2 years). I have...

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A Surprising Activity of Sleep: Detoxifying the Brain

Barbara Moroney January 28, 2015

Detoxification has been added to the list of many activities carried out by the brain during sleep. Researchers in a recent study funded by the Nation...

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A Story of Recovery: How Ionic Footbath Sessions Helped My Son with Au...

Lori Knowles-Jimenez December 10, 2014

My son Daniel was born in 1998 and was diagnosed at 2.5 years of age. I quickly explored all options and embarked on a biomedical treatment pathway t...

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Avoiding Toxins vs. IonCleanse® Detoxification

Barbara Moroney November 6, 2014

At AMD we continually explore the available data on toxins found in our environment. The more we learn, the more we are convinced that the path to goo...

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The Colors of the IonCleanse® Ion Footbath Revisited

Barbara Moroney October 29, 2014

A unique feature of ionic footbath detoxification technology is the display of colors in the tub water as toxins are removed from the body. This displ...

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Replacement Plates Metals – Quality Makes a Huge Difference

Margaret Braginetz September 25, 2014

Two factors play important roles in the IonCleanse® detox footbath replacement plates:  the purity of recycled steel and the type of steel used.  F...

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AMD Sponsors Generation Rescue Autism Organization

Barbara Moroney August 19, 2014

What if your child became unable to walk, talk, eat solid food or sit up unassisted? These were the symptoms exhibited by one young boy who was eventu...

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