The Importance of Detoxification in Maintaining a Healthy Body

Barbara Moroney February 10, 2010

Exposure to toxins is unavoidable. Externally, our environment is increasingly laden with a wide variety of toxins that pervade our air, water and foo...

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2009 IonCleanse® Video Contest Winners!

Neill Moroney February 9, 2010

AMD would like to thank everyone who participated in the IonCleanse® Video Contest. Many of the stories presented in the videos were truly heart w...

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Become a “Fan” of AMD on Facebook

Neill Moroney January 22, 2010

What is the best way to share ideas and information? The internet. While our website is jam-packed with information regarding the IonCleanse® foot...

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Marketing your IonCleanse® – Volume 1

Neill Moroney January 4, 2010

How would you like to attract 100 new customers in a day? Or 200 new customers in a day? Or 500? If you haven't heard, is the latest i...

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IonCleanse by AMD Reviews – answers to the skeptics

Neill Moroney November 11, 2009

AMD is aware of the criticisms floating around the internet regarding detoxifying foot baths. Since you’ve landed on this page, you may have som...

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Win a new IonCleanse® Premier’„¢!

Neill Moroney September 14, 2009

Post a video testimonial on regarding your personal or professional experience with the IonCleanse® foot bath by A Major Difference be...

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Earn an extra $1000 per week!

Neill Moroney July 14, 2009

The IonCleanse® foot bath quickly provides a generous income stream for the practitioner. The national average charge for a session is $40. Just t...

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Special Bio-Cleanse® Trade-In

Neill Moroney March 9, 2009

AMD has learned that Bio-Cleanse® Technologies has recently closed its doors. As a leader in the detox foot bath industry, AMD would like to suppo...

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Introducing AMD’s new Pay-Per-Cleanse’„¢ program

Neill Moroney February 1, 2009

How would you like to take home an IonCleanse® Solo’„¢ for as little as $295 or an IonCleanse® Premier’„¢ for as little as $395? Alr...

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New Research on the IonCleanse® ionic foot bath

Neill Moroney December 16, 2008

The Alternative Health Research Foundation recently conducted a study investigating the IonCleanse® ionic foot bath in conjunction with relaxation...

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