Special Bio-Cleanse® Trade-In

Neill Moroney March 9, 2009

AMD has learned that Bio-Cleanse® Technologies has recently closed its doors. As a leader in the detox foot bath industry, AMD would like to suppo...

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Introducing AMD’s new Pay-Per-Cleanse’„¢ program

Neill Moroney February 1, 2009

How would you like to take home an IonCleanse® Solo’„¢ for as little as $295 or an IonCleanse® Premier’„¢ for as little as $395? Alr...

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New Research on the IonCleanse® ionic foot bath

Neill Moroney December 16, 2008

The Alternative Health Research Foundation recently conducted a study investigating the IonCleanse® ionic foot bath in conjunction with relaxation te...

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Detox Foot Spa Trade-in Special Update!

Neill Moroney August 25, 2008

Does your detox foot spa require a new battery every two years? Do you experience little or no customer service or support? Does your unit break down...

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IonCleanse® Promotional Foot Detox Video

Neill Moroney April 17, 2008

A Major Difference has added another video to its growing library. IonCleanse® Promotional Video was created to give practitioners another avenue...

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How to muscle test with the IonCleanse® Premier®

Neill Moroney April 4, 2008

The IonCleanse® Premier® is the only foot detox machine on the market with the patented dual polarity technology – the ability to create eithe...

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New video explains how the IonCleanse® system works

Neill Moroney March 26, 2008

The most common question regarding IonCleanse® the ionic foot bath system is "How does it work?" This three-minute video describes the b...

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New IonCleanse® Solo® system

Neill Moroney September 14, 2007

IonCleanse® Solo™, billed as the home unit, is the latest ionic foot bath created by A Major Difference, Inc.

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IonCleanse® by AMD vs. the Competition

Neill Moroney June 30, 2007

Is your ionic foot bath safe? The IonCleanse® units are the only systems on the market to have passed FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and CE...

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Special Trade-in Offer

Neill Moroney June 19, 2007

Do you own another detox foot bath? A Major Difference, Inc. is offering a special trade-in for any ionic foot bath system on the market.

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