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The IonCleanse® by AMD comes in 2 models, the Premier® (recommended for practitioners) and the Solo®. Both machines offer the same power output, safety features, and quality components. See below for a side-by-side comparison.

IonCleanse Premier

(recommended for practitioners)

IonCleanse Solo

What’s included:
 One array w/ extra plate and spare cord  One array
 IonCleanse® foot tub w/ 2 boxes of
liners (60 total), salt
 IonCleanse® foot tub w/ 1 box of
liners (30 total), salt
 Custom protective carrying case  Custom protective carrying case
 Instructional DVD w/ supporting files  Instructional DVD w/ supporting files
 Lifetime service and support  Lifetime service and support
 100 client brochures
 2 posters & 5 color charts
(IonCleanse® Marketing Pack)
IonCleanse® promotional DVD
IonCleanse® marketing plan
($600 value)
 Free online practitioner locator listing
Recommended for: Practitioners Individual/Family
Warranty 5 years 3 years
Session programs 5 1
Power output 20 V – 2.5A 20 V – 2.5A
Overnight repair service 1 year included Available for purchase
CE/FCC safety clearance Yes Yes
FDA 513(g) Yes Yes
Money-back guarantee 60-day, 100% 60-day, 100%
Financing Available Yes Yes
Price $2,895 $1,995
Buy IonCleanse Premier Buy IonCleanse Solo
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