IonCleanse® Certification Course

The IonCleanse® Certification Course (ICC) is a four-part webinar series taught by Dr. Ted Winchester and sponsored by A Major Difference, Inc. The webinar course is divided into the following segments:

Part I – Our Toxic World

Dr. Winchester discusses the overall toxicity of the planet including where toxins come from, what products to avoid, and how toxicity affects the body.

Part II – Winchester Muscle Testing Protocol with the IonCleanse® System

Dr. Winchester teaches his breakthrough applied kinesiology (muscle testing) techniques with the IonCleanse® machine. You will learn how to effectively demonstrate before-and-after results to your IonCleanse® clients as well as how to muscle test them to select the optimum program for their IonCleanse® session.

Part III – Winchester Nutritional Evaluation

Nutritional support for a detox program is highly recommended. Dr. Winchester gives you his basic nutritional protocol to support the IonCleanse® detoxification process. This segment will also rely on extensive applied kinesiology.

Part IV – Contraindications, Regulatory Issues and IonCleanse® Technical FAQs

In the first part of this segment Neill Moroney, President of AMD, discusses contraindications for the IonCleanse® machines. Neill will cover general concepts as well as some specific contraindications. In the second part of this segment Neill will discuss regulatory issues with the IonCleanse® System. Lastly, Neill will cover technical FAQs with the IonCleanse® machine.

IonCleanse® Certification Course Details

The IonCleanse® Certification Course is designed to educate and assist in giving the most effective IonCleanse® detoxification sessions, supporting and adding to customer satisfaction and increasing your clientèle base.

In order to receive certification, you must:

  • own, or currently be leasing, an IonCleanse® unit
  • attend each webinar either live or view the recorded webinar at a later date (recordings will be available up to 60 days after the webinar date)
  • pass the IonCleanse® certification test

Upon completion of the course you receive:

  • one free year of Certified Listing on the AMD Practitioner Locator ($59.95 value)
  • a certificate from Dr. Winchester acknowledging your satisfactory completion of the course
  • a free copy of the Winchester DVD ($149 value)

The complete course, which includes all four webinars, is now available for $295 per attendee. Webinar dates are constantly being added. Click the link below to view the Calendar of Events for the schedule. Currently, each course is limited to 100 attendees.


 "I have taken quite a few courses, in-class and online, and this certification course was one of the greatest. It covered so many topics that we have doubts and concerns about. It brought many topics together under one umbrella, ranging from toxicity, nutrition, muscle testing and cleansing. The course is intense, but worth all the efforts and time. The combination of the video and the replay, as well as the PowerPoint presentation made it more like being in class and yet at the convenience of your home. "
Dawn, Catonsville, MD

"Thank you for designing this course. It's very informative and I appreciate the questions and live chatting that goes on."
Lise, Berlin, NH

"Excellent, excellent, excellent! All the information has been wonderful. Very good value! Appreciated all the additional materials.”
Amanda, Palo Alto, CA

"I hope you continue to provide this type of education. I have found it very helpful and beneficial in my business. The hands-on demonstrations allow me to show my clients the need for and immediate results of the IonCleanse® ionic foot bath."
Janice, Hagerstown, MD

"The toxicity part was really an eye opener. Really enjoyed that but also loved the demonstration of the muscle testing. This really was a great and enlightening course!"
Maria, Kenmore, NY

"I was pleased to learn additional muscle testing for the IonCleanse® detox foot bath. I think this was very informative especially the marketing and contraindications presented."
Marie, Closter, NJ

"Thank you Dr. Winchester. You have opened my eyes to a lot of things I did not know. This was a very reasonable price for what we are getting."
Cynthia, Strathmore, AB, Canada

"I really appreciate you doing this certification class. I've had 3 AMD machines for 3.5 years now and never truly understood how to integrate the IonCleanse® ionic foot bath into my specific upper cervical practice. Having a before and after testing system for toxicity flows in my practice much like my before and after leg checks for subluxation. Also, having the ability to watch the webinars anytime was fantastic. Great job!"
Dr. Don, Smyrna, GA 

"The IonCleanse® Certification Course was terrific! I feel like I can really help my clients more completely now."
Terry, Corrales, NM

"I enjoyed everything about this course! Great information. Great answers to all of my questions. I loved the live classroom."
Kathy, Uxbridge, ON, Canada

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