IonCleanse® Ambassadors

The IonCleanse® system is trusted by hundreds of thousands of practitioners and individual users throughout the world. The practitioners listed below love and believe in the IonCleanse® system so much, they welcome your phone call or email. They would be happy to share their views on the importance of   detoxification and explain why they selected the IonCleanse® system over other units on the market.

Since the IonCleanse® system is rated as a nonmedical device; we cannot reference any illness or condition per the FDA. Thus, if you see this this mark,         the word(s) were blocked so that we conform to the guidelines established by the FDA.

Company name: Active Healing, Inc.
Address: 15 Lexington Ave
Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: (978)525-3608
Hours to call: Monday – Friday 9 – 6 Eastern Time
Website address:
AMD customer since: 2013
Primary contact: Sargent L. Goodchild, Jr.
Company bio: Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD or ADD, Attachment & Bonding Disorders, Learning Disabilities, non-progressive Brain Injuries
Why use the IonCleanse®? At Active Healing I use developmentally based functional movements to stimulate the development and integration of specific areas of the brain. Stagnation of bodily fluids and toxic build up in the body acts as a hindrance to healthy development. In order for this process to unfold efficiently for the client it is necessary for them to have a healthy internal environment. This involves creating proper flow in the body to encourage lymphatic drainage and expelling of toxins. In my experience the IonCleanse systems are a crucial tool in achieving this goal for my clients. The typical response for my clients is a deep sense of relaxation following their IonCleanse foot bath followed by a good night’s sleep and an enhanced mental outlook.
Working with AMD? As a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization I prefer to align Active Healing with companies whose primary goal is the fulfillment of a humanitarian goal rather than the pursuit of money. In all my interactions with A Major Difference they have shown their primary goal is to enrich people’s lives by facilitating the achievement of their health goals. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to offer their exceptional foot baths to my clientele.

Company name: It's About Health, LLC
Address: 3217 Corporate Ct.
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Phone: 1st choice: 410-978-4787 - Jed Castelbaum
2nd choice: 410-461-6060 - office
3rd choice: 410-461-7122 - Dr. Robert Kay
Hours to call: May call anytime, if not available please leave a detailed message and your call will be returned
Website address:
AMD customer since: 2007
Company bio: Full service holistic wellness center. We focus on the Body Energetics Technique of healing. Our method of healing is 100% natural.
We offer Naturopathy, IonCleanse® Detox, Asyra Frequency Rebalancing,
Nutrition, Hyperbaric  Oxygen Therapy, Hydro-Massage, Weight Loss, Acupuncture,  Massage Therapy, Far Infrared Sauna, Beautiful Image Micro Current Facelift and Body sculpting, Skincare.
Why use the IonCleanse®? We are most fortunate and have a 100 % success rate with the IonCleanse® system. Our clients/patients feel the results within the first session. They experience xxxx xxxxx xxxx, xxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxx, less brain fog to be exact.
Our female clients notice a difference xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx. Xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxx. Many of our clients notice an improvement xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx. Xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx. Xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx/xxxxxxxx xxxxxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxx; to the extent many of them have purchased machines from us so that they can do this at home.
The benefits are countless. It becomes a way of life!!!!!!
Working with AMD? The folks at A Major Difference are amongst the most helpful people I know in business. I deal with many vendors and they are always there to aide with any of the concerns, questions or problems I have had. This includes ALL LEVELS of personnel.
Other comments: The IonCleanse® system is a major part of our 3 offices and enhances the bottom line tremendously.

Company name: Dallas Wellness Center
Address: Dallas Wellness Center
Debra E Dallas, PhD
4048 Freemansburg Ave.
Easton, PA 18045
Phone: 610-253-1977
Hours to call: Mon – Thur 9:00 – 6:00 Fri 9:00 – 2:00
Website address:
AMD customer since: 2007
Company bio: Dallas wellness Center, LLC offers Ion Cleansing, Iridology, Nutrigenomics, Hair Analysis, and Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging. We focus on those people that have been given up on; people that have been shuffled from one specialist to the other to no avail. We never give up on anyone. We also have many people that simply desire to be the best they can be.
Why use the IonCleanse®? The first Ion Cleanse machine that I purchased was due to research I did for a natural treatment for lung afflictions as I discovered a spot on my lung through Iridology. Since then I have purchased one more machine and have been Ion Cleansing myself and my clients for 7 years. Some people come every month simply to be as healthy as they can be; other people come for specific reasons as, detoxifying after surgery, eliminating debilitating toxins, detoxifying toxins from extracellular matrix during invasive treatments, etc.
Working with AMD? A Major Difference, Inc has been a “side by side” working experience. Customer service is prompt and accommodating. My machines have been working daily, many times daily, for seven years without a single problem. We keep an extra cord around but have only needed to replace plates. The equipment is quality, and durable.
Other comments: Why not be the best you can be? Environmental toxins changes the way our RNA reads a gene that is released from the DNA. Why not eliminate the afflicting possibilities? It can only be beneficial.

Company name: Laser-focused Weight Loss and Wellness
Address: Dr. Shelly Dowling
4155 E Jewell Ave. #607
Denver, CO 80222
Phone: 303-462-2211
Hours to call: 9am – 5pm M-F
Website address:
AMD customer since: 2003
Company bio: My own journey has given me a unique ability to look at the person as a whole, help them go inside, and see themselves with new perspective.
My Fit & Fabulous You Program provides a step by step approach showing you how to create a healthier lifestyle, lose inches and weight while creating a body that supports you, all with a new level of confidence.  The Fit & Fabulous You Program focuses on creating a sustainable eating plan, a solution for toxicity and inflammation as well as having a systematic approach to recognize and shift self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions.  The three major reasons other programs fail!
Why use the IonCleanse®? I have used the IonCleanse system for 10 years now and I currently have 6 IonCleanse systems that I use in my practice on a daily basis. As a practitioner, we want one thing and that is to get better results for our clients. The IonCleanse system made it easy for us to do that.
The IonCleanse system is the only system that is FCC certified for safety and when you’re a practitioner; that is huge. I just can’t imagine running my practice without them.
Working with AMD? I love working with the people at A Major Difference. You can just tell how much they care. They truly want to help and that comes across each and every time I talk to them.

Company name: Winchester Health
Address: Dani Abrahams
2305 Arapahoe Rd Ste. #227
Centennial, CO 80122
Phone: 303-221-0195
Hours to call: Monday - Wednesday 1:00 - 6:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Website address:
AMD customer since: 2006
Company bio: Winchester Chiropractic and Wellness Center is based in Centennial CO. We combine chiropractic, applied kinesiology, orthotics, nutrition, emotional techniques, and ionic cleansing footbaths to help you achieve overall health.

IonCleanse® Events

Thank you for registering with us. Your registration will be approved within two business days.

Growing Your IonCleanse® Business

A Major Difference, Inc. (AMD), the exclusive manufacturer of the IonCleanse® detoxification system, is proud to announce a new series of 5 educational webinars for practitioners. For a limited time, there is NO COST for our existing customers to attend! You will need to provide the serial number of your IonCleanse® machine in order to register.

The purpose of these webinars is to provide marketing tools and technical knowledge for all of our business partners, so they can convert more of their clients into users. The result will be great health benefits for their clients and increased revenue and profit for their business. AMD’s National Sales Manager Glenn Wilhelm will host each webinar, which will be approximately 30 minutes in length.

Webinar topics include:

  1. IonCleanse® Fundamentals – 30-minute course
    • Toxicity and detoxification
    • Understanding the ionization process and how the IonCleanse® system works
    • The IonCleanse® patented process and why it delivers the best cleanse
    • How to address and overcome skepticism and explain the efficacy of the IonCleanse® system
  2. Selling the IonCleanse® service, Part I – 30-minute course
    • “The IonCleanse® Challenge” – getting your clients to do their first cleanse
    • Using the IonCleanse Marketing Plan and other promotional materials
    • Selling packages of sessions – recommended frequency of cleansing for your clients/patients
    • Pricing structures – pricing programs to create long-term clients and customer loyalty
  3. Selling the IonCleanse® Service, Part 2 – 30-minute course
    • Bundling services with the IonCleanse® system
    • Creating a referral program for your clients to promote the IonCleanse® system
    • Developing a client rental program with the IonCleanse Pay-Per-Cleanse® Program
    • Client questionnaire and testimonials
  4. The Power of the Internet and Email Marketing – 30-minute course
    • Using social media to grow your IonCleanse® business
    • Generating testimonials – video and written
    • Email newsletters
  5. NEW Affiliate Program – 30-minute course
    • Learn about the new AMD Affiliate Program and how you can make over $1,000 per month with this program
    • Taking advantage of the AMD Referral Plus Program
    • How to use social media to make $400 per referral (direct and indirect)
    • AMD’s collection of templates that will help you generate great income with very little effort

At the conclusion of each webinar all attendees may request a copy of the presentation and supporting marketing tools for immediate use. These training sessions are available to all existing customers, and all you need to register is the serial number of your IonCleanse® system. Anyone from your office can attend, such as office managers, marketing managers, assistants, etc.

Trade-in Testimonials

The testimonials below were submitted by people who first purchased another foot bath brand, only to eventually trade in their unit for the IonCleanse® system.

“The other machines did not last long. The longest a machine lasted for me was 6 months then it became unusable.  And that is why I purchased an Ioncleanse today. Hope you do the same.“

~ Doug Centerville, OH

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“I had been using another brand of foot detox system when a friend introduced me to AMD Ion Cleanse. I was already liking the results from doing foot detox's, but when I purchased my AMD Ion Cleanse, it took it to a whole other level! This unit has benefited me, my family as well as my business. It really has made A Major Difference, as I am even thinking and feeling clearer!“

~ Linda Fond du Lac, WI

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“I purchased my first IonCleanse unit in early 2004. I previously had an EB305...I still have and use the machine on myself, my family and my patients and it still performs flawlessly. Several years ago I purchased another unit, the IonCleanse Premier and it too performs flawlessly. I have always been very happy with the customer service provided by all of the staff at A Major Difference.“

~ Thomas Patterson, D.C. Aurora, CO

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“I purchased an Ion Cleanse unit about 5 years ago after experiencing health problems. I love my Ion Cleanse! We had originally purchased a footbath that was not the Ion Cleanse brand, and I ended up sending it back because I hated how terrible I felt after using it. With the Ion Cleanse, I am able to gently detox, and feel great afterwards instead of feeling bad. It is gentle enough for each of my family members as well. I always comment to people that I feel so much less congested throughout my body after using the Ion Cleanse. I use it each week, and will continue to do so.“

~ Jennifer Bristol, IN

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“I have been using ion foot baths for over 10 years. I have owned several  brands, but the IonCleanse has been the best. I like the ability to select the settings for each individual client and not be required to use one setting for everyone. My clients have noticed a difference in the way they feel after having an IonCleanse…”

~ Bekki Medsker - ND, President - NBCHT Board of Directors, I-ACT Certified Instructor

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“Decided to just go ahead & send get it out of my house!!!….having been so disappointed so it is on its way to you. I appreciate your time of yesterday's conversation as well as Glenn’s help. Everyone has been so kind @ AMD. Finally feel at peace that I can honestly pursue foot baths with same results that I got while seeing Beth Brooks. I deeply regret that I didn’t purchase this early on. Beth tried to tell me…”

~ Yvonne Gambier, OH

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“I originally started out using a cheaper footbath.  I didn't feel good after I used it. I would get headaches and feel somewhat nauseated after a cleanse. I am very happy with the ion cleanse I bought from AMD…”

~ Lorna Doon, IA

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“A friend of mine had been to her Acupuncturist and had used an Ion cleanse machine. She told me how incredible it was and how much better she had been feeling since starting the program…”

~ Amy Sarasota, FL

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“I had used an Aqua Chi machine for years for my personal use and to help my mother with health issues. We were doing well, until the day smoke started pouring out of the back of the machine while I was doing my mothers feet. That incident scared me to death, so I read up on every machine available. In the end, the IonCleanse seemed to be the safest machine available and thankfully they had a trade-in policy…”

~ Laura Wheaton, IL

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“I used an Ion Spa unit before using Ion Cleanse. I found Ion Cleanse much more professional as a useable unit and company support ,written educational information and web based information superior…”

~ Marcia Waterville, ME

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“I just wanted to say that I love my solo ion cleanse machine.  I had a machine for a couple years from a different company.  When it stopped working I tried to go on line and find out how to get it fixed.  Surprise - it was made in China and I could find absolutely nothing regarding the machine…”

~ Marlia Mira Loma, CA

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“I owned the IonCell machine out of China for one year.  In that time, I had a warrenty problem with the product falling apart and it took me three weeks and alot of red tape to get it replaced.  I started to look for a new machine about nine months after I purchased the ioncell machine because the fan was making noise and the wrist bands were causing problems for my clients. Since I found A Major Difference, I have been nothing but impressed. They were patient and professional when answering all of my questions that I had...”

~ Leah Madison, WI

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“My previous machine was a Deltox. The Deltox was manufactured in China and was a sub-standard machine with very marginal results. Anytime I can buy American made that helps our economy and I feel that the quality control would better. The ionclense already has proven to be superior to my previous one…”

~ Jan Huntington, NY

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"The IonCleanse is the most effective foot bath I have used. I owned a less expensive one for the last three years, but never achieved the same results and found that the arrays did not last long…"

~ Anna Topanga, CA

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“Let me start out by thanking you for getting the Ion Cleanse out to me as quickly at you did.  We were utilizing the Ion Spa footbath unit which is no longer available.  Need I say I was in a panic when it just quit working on late friday and we had 6 clients set up for Tuesday.  As you promised it was here on Monday.  I currently own a practice in Alternative Healing and Hypnosis.  We are presently doing about 6 footbaths a day…”

~ Marta Cement City, MI

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“In my experience using my old unit I find the IonCleanse a much better unit, it offers a few things which I really like as a practitioner, first and foremost I like the ease of this unit, I like the fact that there are not belts or bracelets…”

~ Fran Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

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Consumer Testimonials

"...I have since purchased my own Premiere Model, and use it in both a personal and professional capacity. I looked at other brands, and chose A Major Difference because of their technology, service and the many recommendations I received from those who use A Major Difference."

~ Richandra G Oshawa, ON Canada

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"I made the decision to get my own ion cleanse for the new year. Having the machine available to me 24/7 is awesome! I've introduced it to my children and grandchildren. My boyfriend has been open to its use as well and likes the benefits he is seeing. I will never regret investing in this home health product."

~ Ann B Dade City, FL

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"[S]ince detoxing I sleep so much better have more energy. [N]ot living in a fog. [E]verything seems clearer. I feel wonderful! [W]hat a wonderful product!"

~ Rosemary N Seymour, CT

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"I ordered the ionCleanse after I had a session. I have used it for my own detoxing as well as others. I have had many situations that was NO DOUBT the ionCleanse that help[ed]. Our food is toxic, medications, and even our water. This particular brand has a A+ rating with the BBB. Glenn and the staff there have been more than fair and understanding. I did my research before the big purchase and AMD is the best on the market."

~ Catherine M Hesperia, CA

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"I had gone to a Bio-Feedback Training in Milwaukee WI. There was a Nurse in the Back Doing Ion Cleanse Foot baths. I was fascinated and decided to have one done. My water was as black as paint! and thick. I went home and did some research and decided the Ion Cleanse was the best device to purchase for myself."

~ Karen K Janesville, WI

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"I walked away from my first cleanse feeling great, almost lighter! That chiropractor had the IonCleanse brand name. I wasn’t able to pay for the baths too often so my mother purchased me my own as a surprise."

~ Shannon L Saint Joseph, MN

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"I grew up in a home where my parents smoked and I have asthma as an adult and I wanted to pull out the toxins from living in the environment. After a foot bath I am relaxed, and sleep better than at any other time."

~ Carol M St. Louis, MI

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"I received several sessions of cleansing and noticed a noticeably difference in my health and well being! Thank you for this enjoyable method of healing!!"

~ Connie L Manti, UT

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"I worked at a Naturopathic doctors office where I was first introduced to AMD's ion cleanse machines. I helped people every day with the ion cleanse and loved hearing the difference it made in their lives. I also started ion cleansing there and noticed a HUGE difference myself!"

~ Stacie C Provo, UT

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"The ion cleanse was the best investment we ever made. It's a great way to detox frequently without a lot of effort. I always feel great after an ion cleanse foot bath!"

~ Karen D Cornelius, OR

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"I purchased the system in November of 2005, after having a session in Mexico on vacation. I felt great and had to research when I got back. Decided on A Major Difference, and I have been extremely pleased for 9 years."

~ Deborah P Peekskill, NY

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"Read up on different brands, non had the professional qualities I was seeking. Purchased the Ion cleanse. My wife and I use it weekly. Worth every cent we invested."

~ Gary G Glen Arm, MD

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"I purchased an ion cleanse machines over six years ago. I use the machine still at least once a week and have family get-togethers and all the grandchildren ask for a foot bath. I am forever grateful for my machine and the changes in my quality of life, I will always recommend the foot bath to anyone."

~ Georgia B Henderson, NV

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"My experiences with the Ion Cleanse system have been most profound. Slowly through diet changes accompanied by weekly Ion Cleanses, I began to heal. I felt extremely light and euphoric following each cleanse as my body responded with less and less discomfort."

~ Kathleen B Danbury, NH

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"We are all toxic and by being toxic our bodies will not operate efficiently! The IonCleanse detoxification unit played a major part in my body being rid of toxins and now operates efficiently!"

~ Katie H Zionsville, IN

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"The first time I had an Ioncleanse footbath, I felt so invigorated that I couldn't wait for my second. My energy went through the roof and I had a wonderful sense of well-being. My eyes and skin were brighter! People were complimenting me on how much younger I looked and on how pretty my complexion was."

~ Maria B Kenmore, NY

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"I am a forever user of the AMD system...I am a believer and thank you AMD for creating a quality product that is changing people's lives through health."

~ Tiffany Durham, NC

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"We have experienced many other positive changes (and not one negative). The AMD Foot Bath works, and it is as simple as that."

~ Chris Fort Worth, TX

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"I have had over 50 Ion cleanses at a wellness spa center over the past year...based on my personal extensive really works!"

~ Patricia Denver, CO

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“I've been involved with alternative medicine for close to 35 years now.  I have been to some of the best nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, homeopaths in the northeast including Dr. Atkins when he was alive.  I am feeling rather good now and I must say the one modality that has seemed to help the most for me was using the ionic foot baths…”

~ Nadine Kinnelon, NJ

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“Upon arrival of my IonCleanse Solo, I could not wait to use it.  The technology and precision of the IonCleanse instrument was impressive. Following the directions for a foot bath was easy; the directions were clear and all materials, salt, plastic to cover tub, and cleaner were included in the case. Having completed my tenth foot bath…”

~ Jeanette Wachtman Ball Ground, GA

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“I visited Peaceful Waters because my life was bringing on severe amounts of stress and affecting my health in a major way…I came to Peaceful Waters to get an ion cleanse. The FIRST night of the ion cleanse I could feel MUCH more energy than I normally had and even had a hard time falling asleep because I felt SO GOOD…”

~ Tammy via Sheri Oakdale, MN

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“Shirley notice [sic] after the Ion cleanse:   1- ‘I can think more clearly’, 2- ‘Making decisions are much easier.’  3- ‘My Focus is so much better’!”

~ Donna Fort Collins, CO

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“Our son…is back in school full time, has more energy, and his appetite has returned. Now we are purchasing our own Solo unit for the rest of our family to use.”

~ Joanne Brantford, ON, Canada

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“We don’t understand what we never experienced. My friend had been going to the local spa for over a year to have the IonCleanse done. She kept telling me how good she felt. I was very skeptical but after having it done, what a difference it made in how I felt.”

~ Anonymous

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“Our family has been using the IonCleanse unit for the last year.  It is both amazing and exciting to see how healthy our three kids have been since we started using it on a regular basis. With all of the sports and activities we participate in, it seems easy for them to get run down and sick.”

~ Colleen Fort Collins, CO

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“I have been using my IonCleanse Machine for almost five years. It is my "go to - tool," for everything. Any time something is bothering me, I soak my feet. I believe it is a wonderful addition to my personal health maintenance program. It is also a very valuable tool in my healing practice as well.”

~ Gina Littleton, CO

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We have received your request!

Thank you for your request. We will mail out your IonCleanse® Marketing plan within 1-2 business days via USPS.

IonCleanse® Marketing Plan Request Form

If you currently own or are leasing an IonCleanse® system, you can request to receive the IonCleanse® Marketing Plan at no cost. Please fill out the required fields below.

IonCleanse® Practitioner Testimonials & Endorsements

Every day we receive testimonials on the IonCleanse® systems' positive impact on people's lives. However, because the IonCleanse® unit is classified as a non-medical device, FDA and FTC regulations do not allow us to share any testimonial that references a specific illness or condition.

Why do other websites have testimonials on them referencing a specific condition?

They do this illegally. Most small companies fly under the FDA/FTC radar because of the insignificant number of machines they sell. As the world's #1 selling footbath detoxification system, A Major Difference, Inc. respects and follows the established guidelines.


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends the IonCleanse® detoxification system by A Major Difference, Inc. along with sauna therapy for those interested in detoxification. Please visit for more information.

~ Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – MD, PhD, Founder - Klinghardt Academy and SOPHIA Health Institute


"While there are a variety of ionic foot cleanse units on the market, few are made to quality standards. I researched and personally tested other units and did my due diligence. Based on all that I learned, the unit I decided on purchasing was the IonCleanse Premier by A Major Difference, Inc. I have been extremely satisfied with the system and with the support available at AMD..."

~ Dr. James Cilicek, MD Fort Collins, CO

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"I have been using ion foot baths for over 10 years. I have owned several brands, but the IonCleanse® has been the best. I like the ability to select the settings for each individual client and not be required to use one setting for everyone.

 "My clients have noticed a difference in the way they feel after having an IonCleanse®. One of my clients in particular who has had ion foot baths with his colonics for many years shared that his joints feel so much younger since I changed to the IonCleanse®..."

~Bekki Medsker - ND, President - NBCHT Board of Directors, I-ACT Certified Instructor

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Practitioner Testimonials

The testimonials below were submitted by practitioners who use the IonCleanse® Systems in their business. There are no references to specific conditions, but it is apparent that the IonCleanse® detox foot bath can make "a major difference" in your health.

"The Ion Cleanse is my most valued possession! I have been using it for almost 10 years...I won't leave home without it - ever! No one regrets owning an Ion Cleanse! I have tried 3 other models, and this one is the most effective, most reliable and easiest to use.”

~ Christina D Atlanta, GA

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"We have been using A Major Difference in our office for close to 8 years. The countless people it has help for all different imbalances are numerous plus because our clients feel so good using it they have bought their own units. We would never want to be without our footbath!”

~ Patricia Langhorne, PA

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"I was first introduced to the IonCleanse® in 2006 by a friend who referred me to a woman who offered IonCleanse® sessions. I was so impressed with how this system worked that I decided to purchase three units and start my own business. I now have many regular clients who swear by the IonCleanse®. They have experienced other units and let me know how much they prefer this particular system.”

~ Sharon Campbell, CA

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"The owner of the wellness center - a homeopath who used BioMeridian assessment - actually tested different foot bath companies for me and soundly stated that 'THIS (IonCleanse) is the one!'. The professional standards of A Major Difference and the ease of use of the IonCleanse make it easy for me to make the huge jump from working at the front desk to becoming a successful holistic practitioner.”

~ Mirabai Macedon, NY

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"I am a practitioner doing Ion Cleanse therapies for almost 10 years and the only machine I have ever used is the Ion Cleanse from A Major Difference. This healing technology is so powerful in supporting our optimal health journey. I love working with AMD because the people are so wonderful and treat you like family! ”

~ Sherry Englewood, CO

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"I have been the proud owner of an ionCleanse machine for about 8 years. I initially bought it to add another dimension to my massage practice, but have been so thrilled with it, I can't imagine life without it.”

~ Joyce Ann Okonek Murfreesboro, TN

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"I have recently been offering treatments to my patients in my acupuncture clinic. Requests for Ion Cleanse treatment are quickly increasing, and all of my patients are amazed even after just one treatment!”

~ Ruiping Chi Glen Allen, VA

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"I purchased the ioncleanse because I feel the quality and safety of this device is the best. I have always had excellent service with A Major Difference and they have always supplied me with the right materials to keep me up and running. I think everyone should own one of these devices if you are serious about feeling better!”

~ Will Bayne Oslo, MN

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"After just one session at a health fair I was amazed at how I felt after. Even though I felt fin[e] starting, I felt even better after! When choosing a brand to use in my spa there was no question it would be the Ion Cleanse. And the safety rating is #1. I feel confidant in the safelty, quality and effectiveness that my clients receive.”

~ Joanie Whitehall, PA

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"I have been using A Major Difference Ion Cleanse for years(right after they open their doors). I like AMD ion cleanse due to the quality of the equipment. I originally brought the cleanse in for a more complete detox in conjunction with my colon hydrotherapy practice. I have seen such great results with my clients detox and sense of well being. I have even had many of my clients purchase the unit for continued health improvement.”

~ Darlene Cary, NC

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"[The IonCleanse® system has] had great sucess. It's been profitable and has helped everyone healthwise. We've had great results.”

~ Healthy Essentials Glendive, MT

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"After years of research I am so pleased that I chose the Ion Cleanse as the newest addition to my practice. It has become a beautiful marriage with the other modalities I offer…”

~ Christine M Blair Henrico, VA

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“As a massage therapist, I have come to appreciate the simple blessings of an IonCleanse footbath incorporated into my practice. The work I am able to accomplish with my clients is profoundly improved when I use the footbath…”

~ Karren Elizabeth, CO

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“I have been using the IonCleanse personally and professionally for 12 years. I have had incredible results with…”

~ Laurie Danville, CA

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“I would like to take a moment to thank you, your staff and especially Dr. Bob Moroney, the originator of the Ion Cleanse technology.  I discovered this a decade ago while at a medical conference in Los Angeles and I was immediately intrigued by the theory behind it.  I bought a unit to test myself at our clinic…”

~ James R. Bowman, MD, ND - Alternative Health Concepts Stevens Point, WI

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“I have been a client of AMD for over 5 years now and wouldn't deal with anyone else. Their personal service and assistance is second to none.  They have offered advise [sic] and assistance to me the few times I've needed it immediately over the phone…”

~ Lisa Stouffville, ON, Canada

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“I have been working with the AMD IonCleanse for the past 4 years. I was introduced to the [IonCleanse®] by a Wellness Center owner and began receiving the sessions. When I opened my spa in 2009, I knew I would be including this modality in my practice…”

~ Molly Weirman, CEO, Flourish Wellness Spa Maple Grove, MN

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“Our clinic has used the IonCleanse for several years with excellent results. Our patients cannot believe the results of the color change in the water! Seeing is believing! The staff uses the IonCleanse also."

~ Tim – Get Well Center Mansfield, OH

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"IonCleanse units (we now have 3) bring another dimension to our clinic…Our patients love it!"

~ T. Cooper - Wholistic Wellness Clinic Hawthorn, IA

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"…I am the owner of 4 units. I have bathed over 8,000 pair of feet in these 6 years. The service has been well received and my practice has tripled because of it. I greatly appreciate AMD's product, service, and integrity…”

~ Lynn Diehl – Reflexologist, Living Spectrum Reflexology Doylestown, PA

Read Full Endorsement

"The IonCleanse is a focal point of our health regimen. All who participate are continually amazed at the obvious results left in the water. Thank you for your very reliable and prompt service."

~ Kimberly and Kevin Henley Douglassville, PA

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Pay-Per-Cleanse® Program Economics

For the Practitioner


With this program "The only time you spend money is when you make money"

Pay-Per-Cleanse® economics for the practitioner are straight forward. Since we recommend the Premier® ionic foot detox model for practitioners, we will use its associated numbers for our demonstration.

With the Pay-Per-Cleanse® program for the Premier® ionic foot bath, $545 is due at signing ($150 of that payment is a refundable security deposit). The Premier® comes loaded with 450 minutes, enough time for 15 sessions. The average practitioner charges $40 per 30-minute session, which generates $600, from the initial load of minutes.

When you need to add minutes to your ion foot detox machine (purchased minutes never expire), you purchase them from AMD at 16¢ to 10¢ per minute, depending on the amount.

Here is an illustration of an average practitioner's daily revenue stream from the IonCleanse® foot bath on the Pay-Per-Cleanse® program:

# of sessions per day





Daily revenue at $40/session





Minute costs  (10¢ per minute)





Costs for plates, liners, water, etc.*





DAILY Gross Revenue





DAILY return on $395 investment





*Cost per session is estimated at $2 for plate depreciation, $0.50 for liners, $0.50 for water, cleaner, and salt.

Given the uncertainties of this economy, where else can you find returns on your money like this?

The only time you spend money is when you purchase minutes. The Pay-Per-Cleanse® program is a virtually risk-free investment which could become a substantial part of your practice revenue. Additionally, you can opt for a buy-out and purchase an ionic foot detox new machine at any time. See the Details & FAQs page for more information.

or click here to download the PDF version of the agreement


For family or individual use


"The only time you spend money is when you save money."

The economics of the Pay-Per-Cleanse® program for the family or individual user are simple. Since we recommend the Solo® ionic foot bath for family and individual use, we will use its numbers for our demonstration.

Under the Pay-Per-Cleanse® program, $445 is due at signing ($150 of that payment is a refundable security deposit). The Solo® foot bath comes loaded with 300 minutes, enough time for 10 sessions.

The average practitioner charges $40 per IonCleanse® ion foot detox session. Imagine the convenience of using the IonCleanse® at home without having to worry about traffic, gas prices, or the time it takes to travel back and forth.

We have outlined the hard dollar savings below:

Practitioner's charge per sessions $40
Your cost for minutes (10¢/min)  $3
Your misc costs*  $3
Total savings per session  $34
Sessions to recoup $295 down payment  9

*Misc costs include $2.00 for plate depreciation, $0.50 for liners, $0.50 for water, salt, cleaner.

If you use the ion foot detox machine nine times, you will have saved enough money to justify the down payment (the machine is loaded with enough time for 10 sessions to start – so money-wise you are ahead from the very beginning).

The only time you need to spend money is when you purchase minutes for your machine. Therefore, the only time you spend money is when you save money by doing the sessions at home.

or click here to download the PDF version of the agreement

Pay-Per-Cleanse® Program FAQs

How does Pay-Per-Cleanse® work?

Pay-Per-Cleanse® is similar to prepaid cell phone programs. The foot baths have counters that track the number of minutes available for ion foot detox bath sessions. The counter deducts the amount of minutes used for a session from the total number of minutes available.

For example, the Premier® comes loaded with 450 minutes. When you complete your first 30-minute foot bath session (a typical session length) your Premier® will show 420 available minutes left.  The Solo® comes loaded with 300 minutes, so after the first 30-minute session, 270 minutes will remain.

When all of the available minutes have been used, or if you want to add more to what you have, you purchase minutes from AMD (see "How do I buy minutes for my machine?" below).

How much does Pay-Per-Cleanse® cost?

With the exception of the cost for minutes, the Pay-Per-Cleanse® costs depend on the type of ionic foot bath.

Premier® - Initially, $545 ($150 of which is a security deposit and can be applied to the purchase of a new machine) is due at signing. Beginning 30 days from your sign-up, you start making monthly payments of $24.95. 100% of the monthly fees for the first three years and the security deposit can be applied toward the purchase of a new Premier® foot bath. The Premier® is initially loaded with 450 minutes, enough for 15 sessions.

Solo® - Initially, $445 ($150 of which is a security deposit and can be applied to the purchase of a new machine) is due at signing. Beginning 30 days from your sign-up, you start making monthly payments of $19.95. 100% of the monthly fees for the first three years and the security deposit can be applied toward the purchase of a new Solo® foot bath. The Solo® is initially loaded with 300 minutes, enough for 10 sessions.

With both the Premier® and Solo® ion foot detox baths, you will receive everything you need to begin your sessions: an array, an IonCleanse® foot tub, one box of liners, cleaner, salt, and instructional material.

How do I buy minutes for my machine?

Click here to download the instructions for loading minutes onto your machine. You can purchase minutes on our website or by phone. You will receive an authentication code to program into your unit. The authentication code activates your purchased minutes (the IonCleanse® control unit is never connected to the computer). Minutes are available in blocks of 300 at the following rates: 16 cents per minute for 300 minutes ($4.80/per half-hour session) 14 cents per minute for 600 or 900 minutes ($4.20/per half-hour session) 12 cents per minute for 1200 to 2100 minutes ($3.60/per half-hour session) 10 cents per minute 2400 minutes or more ($3.00/per half-hour session)

What is the warranty protection for my Pay-Per-Cleanse® foot bath?

The Premier® and Solo® foot baths are covered under a limited warranty for the entire Pay-Per-Cleanse® program. Practitioners in the U.S. can choose overnight warranty repair service for an additional $7.95 per month for both the Premier® and Solo®. With this overnight service option, AMD will overnight a replacement foot bath and provide you with a prepaid label to return your unit. This option is further explained in section 8 of the Pay-Per-Cleanse® Terms and Conditions.

Can I purchase my Pay-Per-Cleanse® foot bath?

Yes, you can purchase the ionic foot bath at any time. 100% of your monthly payments for the first three years, plus $150 of your original  payment, can be applied toward the purchase of a brand new foot bath. You may also make prepayments at any time during the program which will also be applied toward the purchase. See the next question below.

Can I make prepayments toward the purchase of a new machine?

Yes. You can pay as much per month as you want. With a payment of $76.25 per month, you can own a new Premier® at the end of 36 months. With a payment of $51.25 per month, you can own a new Solo® at the end of 36 months. When you fill out the Pay-Per-Cleanse® agreement, please notify AMD if you would like to make prepayments.

What is the term of the Pay-Per-Cleanse® program?

The term of the Pay-Per-Cleanse® program is completely up to you. You can cancel the program at any time by simply returning the IonCleanse® to AMD or opting for a buyout.

Can anyone participate in the Pay-Per-Cleanse® program?

Yes, individuals and practitioners can all take advantage of this program. We no longer require a credit check.


Please call us at 877-315-8638 with any questions, or if you are ready to begin, click on the sign up button below to fill out the online application.

or click here to download the PDF version of the agreement


Pay-Per-Cleanse® is AMD's payment program for the IonCleanse® Premier® and the IonCleanse® Solo® detox foot baths. Now you can have the safest and most reliable ionic foot baths on the market for less than $20 per month.

The Pay-Per-Cleanse® units run on prepaid minutes. You pay for minutes as you need them, which provides complete flexibility and control over your costs. Additionally, the term of the payment program is completely up to you. You are not locked into a multi-year deal. You can cancel or opt for a buyout (at which time you would receive a brand new machine) without penalty at any time.

The chart below outlines the Premier® and Solo® Pay-Per-Cleanse® programs.

  Premier® Solo®
Due at signing $545* $445*
Monthly payments <p>100% of the monthly payments for the first 36 months can be applied toward the purchase of a NEW Premier® or Solo® ionic foot bath. AMD will accept prepayments as part of the Pay-Per-Cleanse® program without any penalties. You can elect to make prepayments on a month-to-month basis or you can elect to make automatic prepayments.</p> <p>With payments as low as <strong>$76.25 per month</strong> for the Premier®, or <strong>$51.25 per month</strong> for the Solo®, you can own a new machine at the end of 36 months.</p> $24.95 $19.95
Monthly payments apply toward purchase YES** YES**
Preloaded minutes 450 300
Cost for minutes as low as $0.10/min as low as $0.10/min
Overnight repair service <p>For an additional $7.95 per month, AMD will provide you with Overnight Repair Service (available to US residents only). This means that if you experience a problem with your machine arising from a manufacturer's defect, AMD will overnight a replacement to you and provide you with a prepaid label to return the defective machine to AMD at no additional cost.</p>
<p>This program is optional and can be canceled at any time. Please see section 8 of the Pay-Per-Cleanse® Terms and Conditions.</p>
Available Available
Warranty coverage Entire term of contract Entire term of contract
Term of contract Flexible Flexible
*$150 of this payment can apply to the purchase of a new IonCleanse® Premier® or Solo®.
**The first 36 monthly payments can be applied toward the purchase of a new IonCleanse® detox foot bath.

Please visit the Details & FAQ page for more information on the IonCleanse® Pay-Per-Cleanse® program or call us at 877-315-8638 if you would like personal assistance.

Click below to sign up online.

or click here to download the PDF version of the agreement



My husband and I have received ION cleanse sessions for about two years. I knew by how I felt after each cleanse that I needed a cleanse more than once a month. I was unable to afford to purchase my own ION Cleanse Premier machine and knew that was the product I wanted, so when we found about the Pay-Per-Cleanse program, it was a perfect fit. Now, we are able to use the machine at our own convenience especially for more intense cleansing. My family with their hectic schedules are able to use the machine as well. The program is simple, and I am very happy that we chose to do this!

Cook, MN



I want to thank AMD for the opportunity to purchase my IonCleanse through the Pay-Per-Cleanse program.

I have used the IonCleanse as a client over the past couple of years and understand the tremendous benefit.  It really helped me with mercury toxicity.  As a Certified Natural Health Professional, I wanted to be able to offer this amazing service to my Thermography clients.  Unfortunately, I have not had the additional resources to purchase a unit.  I was pleasantly surprised with the terms of the program and felt that it was almost a "no brainer" to go ahead now.  I've spent more in Starbucks in a month!

This will definitely add value to my office and I can't wait to be the first one to use it!  Thank you for making this possible.

Troy, VA

Thank you for your testimonial!

We appreciate your time and effort in submitting your testimonial and sharing your personal or professional IonCleanse® experience with us. If our attorneys let us, we will post your testimonial on our website and in other marketing materials.

Again, thank you for sharing.

Call Us Toll-Free: 877.315.8638

Visit our office at:
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Online Form

Share Your Own Testimonial

Please fill out the required fields to submit your IonCleanse® testimonial. If your testimonial is approved, we will post it on our website. Every testimonial we receive goes a long way in helping to educate consumers and practitioners on the importance of detoxification.

Thank you for your time.

Trade-in Testimonials

The testimonials below were submitted by people who first purchased another foot bath, only to eventually trade in their unit for the IonCleanse® System.

Consumer Testimonials

IonCleanse® Practitioner Testimonials & Endorsements

Every day we receive testimonials on the IonCleanse® Systems' positive impact on people's lives. However, because the IonCleanse® unit is classified as a non-medical device, FDA and FTC regulations do not allow us to share any testimonial that references a specific illness or condition.

Why do other websites have testimonials on them referencing a specific condition?

They do this illegally. Most small companies fly under the FDA/FTC radar because of the insignificant number of machines they sell. As the world's #1 selling footbath detoxification system, A Major Difference, Inc. respects and follows the established guidelines.


IonCleanse® Certification Course

The IonCleanse® Certification Course (ICC) is a four-part webinar series taught by Dr. Ted Winchester and sponsored by A Major Difference, Inc. The webinar course is divided into the following segments:

Part I – Our Toxic World

Dr. Winchester discusses the overall toxicity of the planet including where toxins come from, what products to avoid, and how toxicity affects the body.

Part II – Winchester Muscle Testing Protocol with the IonCleanse® System

Dr. Winchester teaches his breakthrough applied kinesiology (muscle testing) techniques with the IonCleanse® machine. You will learn how to effectively demonstrate before-and-after results to your IonCleanse® clients as well as how to muscle test them to select the optimum program for their IonCleanse® session.

Part III – Winchester Nutritional Evaluation

Nutritional support for a detox program is highly recommended. Dr. Winchester gives you his basic nutritional protocol to support the IonCleanse® detoxification process. This segment will also rely on extensive applied kinesiology.

Part IV – Contraindications, Regulatory Issues and IonCleanse® Technical FAQs

In the first part of this segment Neill Moroney, President of AMD, discusses contraindications for the IonCleanse® machines. Neill will cover general concepts as well as some specific contraindications. In the second part of this segment Neill will discuss regulatory issues with the IonCleanse® System. Lastly, Neill will cover technical FAQs with the IonCleanse® machine.

IonCleanse® Certification Course Details

The IonCleanse® Certification Course is designed to educate and assist in giving the most effective IonCleanse® detoxification sessions, supporting and adding to customer satisfaction and increasing your clientèle base.

In order to receive certification, you must:

  • own, or currently be leasing, an IonCleanse® unit
  • attend each webinar either live or view the recorded webinar at a later date (recordings will be available up to 60 days after the webinar date)
  • pass the IonCleanse® certification test

Upon completion of the course you receive:

  • one free year of Certified Listing on the AMD Practitioner Locator ($59.95 value)
  • a certificate from Dr. Winchester acknowledging your satisfactory completion of the course
  • a free copy of the Winchester DVD ($149 value)

The complete course, which includes all four webinars, is now available for $295 per attendee. Webinar dates are constantly being added. Click the link below to view the Calendar of Events for the schedule. Currently, each course is limited to 100 attendees.


 "I have taken quite a few courses, in-class and online, and this certification course was one of the greatest. It covered so many topics that we have doubts and concerns about. It brought many topics together under one umbrella, ranging from toxicity, nutrition, muscle testing and cleansing. The course is intense, but worth all the efforts and time. The combination of the video and the replay, as well as the PowerPoint presentation made it more like being in class and yet at the convenience of your home. "
Dawn, Catonsville, MD

"Thank you for designing this course. It's very informative and I appreciate the questions and live chatting that goes on."
Lise, Berlin, NH

"Excellent, excellent, excellent! All the information has been wonderful. Very good value! Appreciated all the additional materials.”
Amanda, Palo Alto, CA

"I hope you continue to provide this type of education. I have found it very helpful and beneficial in my business. The hands-on demonstrations allow me to show my clients the need for and immediate results of the IonCleanse® ionic foot bath."
Janice, Hagerstown, MD

"The toxicity part was really an eye opener. Really enjoyed that but also loved the demonstration of the muscle testing. This really was a great and enlightening course!"
Maria, Kenmore, NY

"I was pleased to learn additional muscle testing for the IonCleanse® detox foot bath. I think this was very informative especially the marketing and contraindications presented."
Marie, Closter, NJ

"Thank you Dr. Winchester. You have opened my eyes to a lot of things I did not know. This was a very reasonable price for what we are getting."
Cynthia, Strathmore, AB, Canada

"I really appreciate you doing this certification class. I've had 3 AMD machines for 3.5 years now and never truly understood how to integrate the IonCleanse® ionic foot bath into my specific upper cervical practice. Having a before and after testing system for toxicity flows in my practice much like my before and after leg checks for subluxation. Also, having the ability to watch the webinars anytime was fantastic. Great job!"
Dr. Don, Smyrna, GA 

"The IonCleanse® Certification Course was terrific! I feel like I can really help my clients more completely now."
Terry, Corrales, NM

"I enjoyed everything about this course! Great information. Great answers to all of my questions. I loved the live classroom."
Kathy, Uxbridge, ON, Canada

Weight Loss & Detoxification



There are 3reasons why my weight-loss program succeeds where others fail:

  1. It creates a sustainable eating program.
  2. It addresses the influences of toxicity and inflammation.
  3. It teaches you how to deal with the emotional components of weight loss.

I'm Dr. Shelly Dowling and I have studied and practiced holistic healthcare, energy medicine and weight loss for over 25 years. In this webinar, I will explore the basics that other programs miss and share with you the philosophies and protocols I have used to help many live happier, healthier, lighter lives.

Other important topics covered include:

  • How to get results with short workouts (15-20 min/day)
  • How sleep impacts your ability to lose weight
  • Hormonal influences
  • Supplementation

Whether you want to lose weight yourself or incorporate a weight-loss program into your practice, this 2 hour webinar will be invaluable to you.

Weight Loss & Detoxification webinar is scheduled for two hours at a cost of $49. It will be recorded and available for 60 days for you to view at your leisure. Attendance is limited to 100 guests, so don't delay. Click on the Register Online button below.

All Things Candida


Are you experiencing any of these problems?:

Brain fog
Poor concentration
Mood swings
Restless sleep or difficulty relaxing/stress
Fatigue/lack of energy
Cravings or addictions
Digestive problems (gas, bloating, ulcers, heartburn, IBS)
Irregularity (constipation, diarrhea)

So are your Clients!

Welcome to All Things Candida

What is it?
Do I have it?
How do I know?
How do I get rid of it?

My name is Dr. Shelly. I have been studying and practicing holistic health care, energy medicine and weight loss for over 25 years.

Clinically, I have found as many as 85% of my clients exhibit symptoms that are consistent with an active Candida Infection. Chances are pretty good you may have it. This webinar includes:

  • a simple explanation of Candida
  • a model that explains how we "get" Candida and how it can destroy our health
  • a tool to identify if Candida is a problem for you or your clients
  • my protocol for working with clients
  • my opinion on the Toxicity/Inflammation/Candida roller coaster
  • a demonstration that illustrates the relationship of Candida to digestion and, ultimately, to illness
  • and much more

This webinar is scheduled for one hour at a cost of $39. It will be recorded and available for 60 days for you to view at your leisure. Attendance is limited to 100 guests, so don't delay. Click on the Register Online button below. 

IonCleanse® Footbath Basics



This webinar is designed to answer the three questions we are asked most frequently by practitioners looking to get the best results for their clients and themselves.

What do the colors mean?

Dr. Shelly Dowling will discuss the progression of colors and their significance to detoxification. You will learn how to explain the color changes to your clients skillfully and with confidence.

What is the "real" value of the IonCleanse® System?

Dr. Shelly will clarify the value of detoxification with the IonCleanse® foot bath and the role it plays in regaining and maintaining health. You will understand how to utilize the IonCleanse® machine effectively and communicate the health benefits to your clients.

How can I create marketing packages and get the best results for my clients?

Dr. Shelly will teach you how she successfully utilizes the IonCleanse® foot bath units in her practice to "position" her clients for maximum results and obtain financial rewards for herself.*

*Note: This section will be helpful to you, even if you are not a practitioner, as it explains why frequency of sessions is important. It will help you educate your family and friends about the value of ongoing detoxification.

The webinar is scheduled for one hour at a cost of $20. It will be recorded and available for 60 days for you to view at your leisure. Attendance is limited to 100 guests, so don't delay. Click on the Calendar of Events below to see the schedule. 


"Very Well Presented - The Presenter was very real and believed in what she was saying and doing. Keep up the good work of sharing all this important information in such a fashion that we are able to understand it and, in turn, share it with others."
Conchita, Woodbine, NJ

"Solid info and very practical. [Dr. Shelly was] very clear and knowledgeable."
David, Rockford, IL

"Very well done. Good value. "
Judi, Ottawa, ON Canada

"Information was simple and to the point. Good job! I look forward to attending more sessions."
Penny, Detroit, MI

"Very informative!"
Susan, Cambridge, MN

"[I enjoyed] everything! I was happy with the whole presentation. "
Synnove, Spokane, WA

"[Dr. Shelly] did a great job!"
Karen, Warsaw, IN

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IonCleanse® is a registered trademark of A Major Difference, Inc.

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Placing an order on our website has never been safer or easier. Our website is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant for a secure environment. We use, a world-renowned credit card processor, and's Extended Validation SSL :


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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal on our website. For phone orders we can accommodate payments via check-by-phone, or we can provide you with wiring information for bank transfers.

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AMD uses UPS exclusively for all domestic and most international shipments.* AMD strives to provide same-day shipping for phone and internet orders placed by 3 pm MDT. While same-day shipping is not a guarantee, we reach this goal 98% of the time.  For orders outside the US and Canada please allow an extra 1-2 business days for order processing and verification.

*Note: UPS will only deliver to physical addresses. UPS cannot ship to PO Boxes or AFO/FPO addresses. Additionally, we ship all orders totaling over $500 with a signature required.

Shipments within the US

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With our same-day shipping goal, most packages shipped by UPS Standard make their Canadian destination within 5-7 business days. Packages shipped via the US Postal Service can take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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Free Ground Shipping Offer

AMD offers free ground shipping via UPS for orders with a before-tax total of over $200. Exclusions to this offer include shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, international shipments, C.O.D. charges, and orders not placed through our website.

Sales Tax

We are required by law to collect sales tax for any orders that are shipped within the state of Colorado.

Return Policy

IonCleanse® Premier® and Solo® Packages

A Major Difference, Inc. (“AMD”) accepts returns of the IonCleanse® Premier® and Solo® packages up to 60 days after the invoice date for a full refund less any shipping fees. At AMD’s discretion, any damaged or missing components may be deducted from the return amount due.

IonCleanse® Marketing Plan

All sales of this product are final. No returns or refunds are allowed.

Nutrition and Supplements

AMD accepts returns of nutritional products up to 30 days after the invoice date. Products must be returned unopened, unused, and not damaged for a full refund. Opened or used products are non-refundable.

CDs and DVDs

AMD accepts returns of unopened CDs and DVDs up to 30 days after the invoice date for a full refund. Damaged products may be exchanged for new products within 30 days. Opened products are non-refundable.

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Pay-Per-Cleanse® Payment Plan and Buy Minutes purchases

The Pay-Per-Cleanse® payment plan and purchases of minutes are bound to the terms of Pay-Per-Cleanse® agreement acknowledged at sign-up. Minutes purchases are not refundable.


All sales of books are final. No returns or refunds are allowed.

Shipping Fees

All shipping fees, including return shipping fees, are non-refundable.


Any claims for damaged, missing, or defective products must be reported to AMD within 14 days of receipt of the shipment.

AMD Rewards Program

AMD is pleased to offer our online customers a rewards program. Earn reward points for every purchase you make online (phone and other orders are not eligible).

Benefits include: 

  • Free sign-up
  • No annual fees
  • Get 1 point for every $1 spent online
  • Easily redeem points on our website

Create an online account and start earning points on your next purchase. Some restrictions apply. See our Knowledge Base for complete details.

AMD & The Environment

AMD has a passion for alternative healthcare and, more specifically, detoxification. We also feel this passion for the environment. While we encourage people to keep themselves clean on the inside, we feel we must all help to keep the environment on this planet clean, as well. AMD strives to do its share by recycling all appropriate materials, using packaging materials that are recyclable and non-hazardous, and promoting cleaning agents that are non-toxic and biodegradable. AMD's commitment to the environment starts with its owners. Two of AMD's owners drive hybrid cars as a means to cut down on emissions.



Since early 2007, AMD has leased a 3-yard recycling dumpster for itself and the business buildings that surround the area. The dumpster is emptied twice per week and is consistently full before the collection. With this dumpster, we can recycle all cardboard, mixed office paper, glass, and even most plastic containers. Aside from the ionic foot baths we receive in trade-ins, there's not much left for the landfill, and even the trade-in units are scrapped for parts and broken down into recyclable components.

We strive to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible, and we feel that recycling and providing the opportunity for our neighboring businesses to recycle is a great demonstration of this commitment.


Packaging Materials

Packing and shipping materials are a costly expenditure each month for AMD. We ship out hundreds, if not thousands, of packages each month to customers all over the world. We purchase boxes that are comprised of post-consumer materials, and have recently found ways to decrease box sizes. We use biodegradable peanuts (made from corn) as opposed to petroleum-based polystyrene peanuts that can take hundreds or even a thousand years to biodegrade. Additionally, the corn-made peanuts replace 80% of our need for traditional bubble wrap (also made from petroleum-based plastics). While the biodegradable peanuts are more expensive, we feel compelled to use this method of packaging to do our part in preserving a clean environment.


Cleaning agents

Let's face it, "detoxifying the planet two feet at a time"™ is a dirty job. With thousands of foot baths performed each month, a lot of arrays need to be cleaned. AMD continues to support Solutions-4-You, a small company in South Carolina that sells products that are 100% non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and not tested on animals. Their Ultra-Safe Commercial Cleanser is provided with every ionic foot bath purchase so that our customers can see just how effective a completely natural cleaner can be. This product is also made in the USA and also helps to promote our own economy.

AMD is in business to make money and to serve mankind, which includes protecting the environment. We are willing to absorb the added costs of doing business in a way that reflects our values.

Made in the USA

The IonCleanse® Premier® and Solo® Systems are made in the USA. As a result our customers receive important benefits in quality, service and safety:


First, the parts we use for our systems are of the best quality.  With a low defective rate of only 1%, our customers are assured our parts will function perfectly 99% of the time. This is the best quality control ratio that money can buy.

IonCleanse® units are made to last 15 – 20 years.  The oldest units have been in operation since 2002 and are still going strong, some with more than 130,000 minutes of use.  Only the most extreme abuse can ruin one of our machines beyond repair. 

Our manufacturing facility is in the same center as our corporate offices, which allows us to have complete control over the manufacturing process.  We have established strict control standards and we monitor them closely. 


Second, we have made-in-the-USA service. Our offices are located in Centennial, CO and customers can contact us by phone, toll-free, for all questions about the operation of the units and their use in various clinical situations. Clinical questions are answered by doctors on our staff. Customers can reach a live representative by phone anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MDT.

Repairs are handled by our in-house engineering team. We also offer a unique overnight repair service for the Premier® System. This means that if our Premier® model has a manufacturer's defect during the first year of service, we will overnight a temporary unit to be used until the defective unit is repaired and returned, all at our expense. The practitioner experiences no extra expense and no downtime.

AMD has been in business since 2002. Owners of our products have peace of mind knowing that we will be there to answer their questions, service their equipment, and keep them updated with the latest research and development.

Altogether, this is the best quality money can buy backed up by the best customer service in the industry.


Last, but most important, we are #1 in safety. The IonCleanse® Premier® and the IonCleanse® Solo® baths both have CE certification, which verifies that they are the safest units on the market. CE certification assures that a product has met European Union consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.

We can guarantee that whether there's a fluctuation in current coming from the wall outlet, a power surge, a faulty outlet, electrostatic discharge, or even a lightning strike on the building, our units are completely safe. Even if someone were to drop the control unit into the water nothing will happen. Other units do not provide you with certified assurance of this protection.

While the CE mark allows for self-regulation, AMD exercised a higher standard and hired an independent organization to test our products. Our CE mark shows that our units meet the requirements for safety as measured by an independent source.

Supporting the US economy

Over a dozen U.S. workers are employed by the manufacturing and distribution of the IonCleanse® units and its related products. Our business helps to support and grow our country's economy.

So, for the best, made-in-the-USA ionic foot bath, the IonCleanse® unit is a clear choice.

IonCleanse® components and where they come from:

IonCleanse® carrying case – PFC, Inc., Woodbridge, CT
IonCleanse® Premier® and Solo® control units – AMD
IonCleanse® arrays and plates – AMD
Metal for plates and arrays – Ryerson, Chicago, IL (Headquarters)
Instructional DVD – produced and replicated by People Productions, Boulder, CO
IonCleanse® printed materials – Various printing companies in Colorado.
RealSalt – Redmond Trading Company, Herber City, UT
UltraSafe Cleanser – Solutions 4-You, Travelers Rest, SC
Shipping materials –, Waukegan, IL;, Denver, CO

Meet The Team

Neill Moroney 

Neill MoroneyNeill Moroney is Co-owner and President of AMD. Neill was involved with ionic footbath technology from the beginning, while still in college, attending trade shows with his father, learning the intricacies of how the footbath works. He experienced and observed the technology first-hand as he gave footbath sessions to thousands of people. In 2003, with a business degree in finance and accounting, he took over managing the office, continuing to grow in experience and learning how the ionic footbath changes lives. Neill's motto is that we do one thing and we do it very well. Under his guidance, AMD's entire effort is devoted to footbath therapy, to manufacturing the best and most up-to-date machine. Beyond the quality of our central product is our focus on our customers – to give them the most for their money with continuing education and support. Neill wants our customers to succeed in their endeavors, whether they be solely for personal health or for a business, as well. Our customers get a machine that lasts a long time and is reliable, customer service that is always available, and education that is ongoing.

Neill believes that a healthy lifestyle cannot be had in a vacuum, that the environment needs to be taken care of as well. AMD keeps this in mind in all decision-making arenas. The array cleaning products we recommend and sell are non-toxic, we have done our best to select packing materials that are biodegradable and we recycle all office boxes and papers.

Neill has personal experience of the value of the IonCleanse®, noticing that his springtime allergies are less intense when he does regular sessions in January and February.


Barbara Moroney

Barbara Moroney is Co-owner and Director of Internet Marketing of AMD. This is an expanded role for Barbara, which up until now has been one of editor and writer of internet content. Barbara researches and writes articles related to detoxification for our website and as a guest for health-related blogs. As Director of Internet Marketing, Barbara expects to increase our presence on social media sites, spreading the word about the benefits of ionic footbath detoxification and the value of the IonCleanse® systems. She will also regularly update customers on company news and timely topics.

Barbara continues to appreciate the benefits of ionic footbath technology, first experienced with Dr. Bob as it spread across the county in the early 2000's. Ion therapy fits in well with her organic living and yogic lifestyle, Sunday night ionic footbaths combined with infrared sauna are a regular part of her health routine.



Glenn Wilhelm

Glenn Wilhelm is Sales Manager of AMD. Glenn is a multifaceted sales and marketing executive with over 25 years of in-depth experience of business development in the health care, real estate, retail, industrial and franchise industries. Prior to joining A Major Difference in March of 2011, Glenn had a long and successful career at Cooper Industries as a National Accounts Manager where he was responsible for accounts such as Wal-Mart and Sears Hardware. In 2006 he and his family relocated to Denver Colorado and Glenn entered the real estate industry for RE/MAX International. Glenn excelled in this arena as a consultant to RE/MAX franchise owners and in the franchise sales department.

Glenn decided to join AMD in 2011 based on his own results from using the IonCleanse® system. “The IonCleanse® has become part of my life. Not only do I believe in the product, but I use it every single week” says Glenn. Since becoming part of the AMD family, Glenn has been instrumental in the continued growth of AMD. “It’s all about education – at the practitioner level and at the consumer level. We have the best product on the market and there is an absolute need for our product. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using the IonCleanse® detoxification system.”


Margaret Braginetz

Margaret Braginetz is Shipping Manager of AMD. Margaret's eagle eye for detail makes sure orders contain all items purchased, are packed well, shipped on time, and head for the correct destination. Lucky for AMD, Margaret's skills, honed over the years as an assistant marketing manager, USA for PPL and as a legal secretary, are now used to research and write articles and to copy edit all content for AMD's website. Margaret loves to do research and her interest in history gives her articles a unique slant. She keeps AMD's staff abreast of some of the latest developments in detoxification. Margaret's passion for animal welfare and a safe and clean environment make her a perfect fit for AMD. Margaret, also Neill's aunt, joined the AMD team in 2006.





Cassandra “Cassie-not-Kathy” Cameron

Cassandra is Bookkeeper and Service Representative for AMD. Cassie has one more year to finish for her bachelor's degree in accounting. She does the accounts receivables, daily deposits, writes up our invoices and processes all orders before they are handed off to Margaret for shipping. As our service representative she is available during business hours to answer customer questions about their machines, troubleshooting when necessary. Existing customers most likely speak with Cassie when ordering minutes for Pay-Per-Cleanse®, or array plates or other accessories. She is also our office “physical-fitness good fairy,” challenging Neill and Glenn to take fitness breaks from their desks with weight exercises, sit-ups, push-ups, and stretching.






Dave Jeffrey

Dave oversees the cutting, machining, etching, and fabricating of the patented plates and arrays that are exclusive to the IonCleanse® brand. Utilizing specialized precision high-powered lasers, the metal for the plates is cut from giant sheets of American-made-and-certified stainless steel. The acrylic is also cut using lasers that have tolerances of less than .001inch. This precision ensures that every one of the IonCleanse® plates and arrays are exactly the same. Our customers can expect quality and consistency unmatched in our industry.






Bob Walker

Bob oversees the manufacturing of the IonCleanse® units. He Ensures that each unit is made to specification; Bob demands the highest quality parts with the lowest possible failure rates available in the marketplace. He uses "1% parts," meaning out of box of 100 pieces, only 1 is statistically likely to fail. This ensures that each IonCleanse® will last for a decade or longer. Since the first IonCleanse® unit was sold in 2002, many thousands of machines are in great working condition, never needing repair, thanks to Bob's dedication and perfectionism.






Brian Bell

Brian is the technical guru we turn to for anything related to manufacturing, production, or development. With over 30 years of engineering experience, Brian works together with Bob on a daily basis to ensure that each IonCleanse®, made by hand, passes the rigorous quality control tests we have established. Brian  also possesses an impeccable attention to detail, which, coupled with his remarkable engineering abilities, solidifies the AMD team's commitment to quality, safety, and success. 

About AMD

Dr. Robert Moroney

Our company was founded in 2002 by Dr. Bob Moroney. Dr. Bob was the pioneer researcher of footbath technology in the US in 1999. After a couple of years with some basic models, he used what he had learned to design the IonCleanse® System with its patented dual polarity array – the best the technology has to offer. His interest in health and detoxification, which evolved from a life-threatening health crisis in 1982, led him to research the cutting edge of what alternative medicine had to offer. He found his focus when he discovered ionic footbaths and developed the IonCleanse® unit. The mission became clear to him over time, summed up in our slogan “detoxifying the planet two feet at a time.”®

Since its inception AMD has sold over 11,000 ionic foot bath units. Its continued success makes the IonCleanse® System #1 in the marketplace. All of our products, including the IonCleanse® Premier® and Solo® units, are manufactured right here in the United States. Our engineers have over 100 years of combined experience. Likewise, each IonCleanse® machine is assembled by hand and sent through rigorous quality control measures to ensure customer satisfaction.

Since all of our operations are located in Colorado, our customers experience the convenience of:

  • Same-day shipping on product orders

  • Overnight warranty repair service on most equipment

  • Customer service agents available 8 am - 5 pm MT

As the alternative health care industry continues to grow, AMD will remain at the forefront of the information wave.

Mission Statement

Humankind possesses the innate capability and right to age in a healthy, graceful, and vital manner. A Major Difference, Inc. is dedicated to providing everyone with the information and tools required to live a fully functional, vital life.

Photo Gallery

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IonCleanse® Sessions



IonCleanse® Session Room


IonCleanse® sessions with animals


Practitioner Locator

Welcome to our practitioner locator page. Please enter your United States zip code or Canada postal code for the practitioner closest to you. If no matches are found on your first try, please expand your search using the distance indicator and try again.

Customer Service


IonCleanse® Premier® Instruction Guide (Español, Français)
IonCleanse® Solo® Instruction Guide (Español)
IonCleanse® Foot bath Release Form (Español)
Pay-Per-Cleanse® Agreement
How to Buy Minutes Guide
Toxin Awareness Kit
IonCleanse® FDA 513(g)
IonCleanse® Health Canada Letter


IonCleanse® Video Library

How Does the IonCleanse® Work?
IonCleanse® Promotional Video
How to Muscle Test with the IonCleanse® Premier®
How to change your plates
IonCleanse® Time Lapse Video
IonCleanse® Testimonial Video
Soaking Your IonCleanse® Array in Ascorbic Acid


Safety Documentation

IonCleanse® Premier® Reports

IonCleanse® Solo® Reports

Ultra Safe Cleanser MSDS
Ascorbic Acid MSDS
intraMAX™ MSDS


Other Resources

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Return Policy
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The Alternative Health Research Foundation conducted a study investigating the IonCleanse® foot detox in conjunction with relaxation techniques and mineral supplementation.

The study consisted of 31 participants who did IonCleanse® sessions twice a week for 12 weeks. The participants meditated during each session and took a standard dose of intraMAX™ mineral supplement at the end of the session. Heavy metal blood tests were taken before and after the 12-week period of using the IonCleanse® System.

To view the study results and the study data, please visit Once there, click on the blue links on the right-hand side of the page.

AMD has also conducted and/or sponsored numerous studies designed to support or contest the veracity of the IonCleanse® System. Shown in this section are the heavy metals report, the Townsend letter and a study conducted by Dr. Carlos Lopez-Moreno, M.D. showing the presence of urea, creatinine and glucose in the water after a treatment.

•IonCleanse® Heavy Metals Report - Doctor's Data
•Townsend Letter - Dr. Morton Walker
•Urea, Creatinine and Glucose in Bath Water - Dr. Carlos Lopez-Moreno, M.D.

The following 2 links further help to describe the IonCleanse® process.

•Explore Article - Peer Reviewed Journal
•The IonCleanse® Process - Lead Engineer for AMD


A Major Difference, Inc. es una corporación con sede en Colorado que se dedica a las artes de curación alternativas. Todos nuestros productos se elaboran utilizando componentes de la tecnología más avanzada y se prueban para asegurar el cumplimieno con las normas de calidad más altas. AMD proporciona a sus clientes servicios de ayuda de por vida a fin de garantizar la satisfacción del cliente.

Desde su inicio en el año 2002, AMD ha vendido más de 10.000 unidades IonCleanse®, convirtiendo a IonCleanse® en el indiscutible baño iónico de pies #1 del mercado.

Le puede enviar sus preguntas a su dirección electrónica

Información sobre IonCleanse®


Información general sobre IonCleanse®
Guía de instrución de IonCleanse® Premier®
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