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IonCleanse® by AMD vs. the Competition

Is your ionic foot bath safe?

The IonCleanse® units are the only systems on the market to have passed FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and CE (European Conformity) electrical safety standards. While several of our competitors claim to have the same approvals, our testing confirmed that none of the units passed all of the safety tests that IonCleanse® Premier’„¢ and Solo’„¢ ionic foot baths have.

A Major Difference, Inc. hired EMC Integrity Incorporated and Compliance Integrity Services to evaluate six ionic foot bath units. The units were tested for Radiated Emissions and evaluated based on IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Standard 60035-1. The units evaluated were:

Aqua Chi Cell Spa
Aqua Detox ‘€  Spa Cleanse
B.E.S.T. Energy Spa IonSpa

The summary of the results is outlined in a comparison chart below. Please click on the link to view a full screen version of the chart.

Ionic Foot Bath Comparison Chart

IonCleanse® vs Competition – Electrical Safety Comparison Chart

Notes to the comparison chart:

The IonSpa claims to have a CE approval on their portable foot bath as noted by the logo on their unit; however, recent testing proved they still do not meet all of the safety standards.

The Aqua Chi and the B.E.S.T. Energy Spa units have the same circuit design as a battery charger the components of which can be purchased at The Home Depot or Lowes. These components are not rated as safe for use in an ionic foot bath.

The Cell Spa and Spa Cleanse units are manufactured in China and sold exclusively through the Internet at prices well below what it costs AMD to manufacture the IonCleanse®. Not only are these two units unsafe, the Spa Cleanse broke down during testing.

Click on the links below to view the safety evaluation summaries for each of the products tested.*

Aqua Chi

Aqua Chi

B.E.S.T. Energy Spa

B.E.S.T. Energy Spa

Cell Spa

Cell Spa

Aqua Detox

Aqua Detox ‘€ 

Ionic Foot Bath

Spa Cleanse

Ion Spa


Several of these companies claim to have CE, FCC, and UL approvals. Ask the manufacturers for a detailed copy of their safety reports (approximately 150 pages).

AMD, the acknowledged leader in the ionized foot bath industry, is deeply concerned about these safety issues because they reflect badly on the industry as a whole. AMD is doing its best to educate the consumer and provide guidance in the marketplace for prospective customers. If you are a practitioner, you must be concerned about liability. Insurance companies may not cover damages from units out of regulatory compliance. As an individual user, you need to be concerned about the physical safety of you and your family.

In light of this, AMD is pleased to offer a full value trade-in on any existing foot bath, up to $1500, toward the purchase of an IonCleanse® Premier®, or $1000 toward the purchase of an IonCleanse® Solo® system. For more information, please call us at 877-315-8638.

* The complete evaluations are available for purchase. Please contact us for more information.

‘€  Aqua Detox® is a registered trademark of Aqua Detox USA, Inc.

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