IonCleanse® Foot Tub


Made from high-impact ABS plastic, the IonCleanse® foot tub will add a professional look to your set-up. We also offer customized liners (sold separately) which will make cleanup a breeze.

The tub comes with an optional "saver lid," perfect for use with kids. This will help minimize splashing and may also save your tablets and other devices from the ionic lagoon...


Product Description

The IonCleanse® foot tub is a durable plastic tub large enough to accommodate up to a size 15 in men's shoes. The tub also features a:

  • fill line so that there is no guesswork in terms of how much water to add
  • textured bottom for an added effect for the client's feet
  • set-top lid so little or no water will be splashed when the tub is transported (the lid also insulates the water so you can fill up ahead of time and the foot bath won't get too cold)
  • lip around the edge for easy gripping and to secure the IonCleanse® liners

Cleaning the tub is a breeze with ascorbic acid (sold separately).