Ionic Yoga™


A unique guided relaxation CD designed for use with your ionic footbath. Ionic Yoga employs the principle of yoga nidra’s body and breath awareness along with affirmations and visualizations to create deep relaxation and focus healing energy. Four tracks give three separate sequences.


Product Description

It is no secret that relaxation relieves stress in the body and assists the healing process. Ionic Yoga™ uses body awareness, breath awareness, guided imagery and affirmations to increase relaxation and target desired results for detoxification and healing during a foot bath session. The techniques are based upon the author's 19+ years experience as a daily practitioner of yoga.

Here are the four tracks of the CD with a brief description:

Introduction – should be listened to at least once for most effective use of the CD.

Healing Relaxation (short) – a 12-minute track for shorter foot bath sessions, or as an initial relaxation that can be followed by personal meditation for the rest of the session time.

Healing Relaxation (long) – a 26-minute track with body and breath awareness, affirmations, and guided imagery.

Chakra Meditation – a 27-minute track with body and breath awareness, and focus on the seven main chakras.