IonCleanse® Marketing Plan

IonCleanse® Marketing Plan


This is the comprehensive IonCleanse® Marketing Plan. It is almost 40-pages and includes a CD with "toxin awareness handouts" that have proven to be very valuable for clients. Most people have no idea how toxic they are, and more importantly, how toxicity can affect the body. The information provided in the Plan as well as the CD is a real eye-opener.

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Price: $600.00

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AMD has packed 10-plus years of experience into our new IonCleanse® Marketing Plan. This comprehensive plan will help practitioners who own detox footbaths to expand and grow their businesses. We have many informational and marketing electronic files that can be copied and used for display in the office.

Some of the major topics include:

  • IonCleanse® foot bath fundamentals
  • Selling the service to your clients
  • Pricing models
  • How often to cleanse
  • Integrating the IonCleanse® detox footbath into your business
  • Marketing the IonCleanse® system
  • How to use social media
  • Client education

Our IonCleanse® Marketing Plan will assist a myriad of practitioners: chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists, general wellness practitioners, and many others. We provide a broad range of ideas and options to serve our diverse customer base.

The ideas and information in this plan will allow you to recoup your investment in this plan in as little as one month.