316 Replacement Plates


The 316 plates are the "standard" plates used with the IonCleanse® system.

The arrays and plates for the IonCleanse® Systems are universal. All arrays and plates will fit any genuine IonCleanse® System.


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Product Description

See the chart below describing the differences between the 316 plates and 304/321 plates.

316 vs 304/321
  316 304/321
Cost $70 $95
Avg # of sessions per set* 30-40 30-40
Avg cost per session $2.00 $2.71
Recommended session length 30 min 20 min
Recommended for Home Office
Overall session result Same Same

*Because of varying water qualities, there is no guarantee on the number of sessions per set plates you will receive.


Watch a brief demonstration on how to change your plates.