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2010 IonCleanse® Video Contest Winners

AMD would like to thank everyone who participated in the IonCleanse® Video Contest this year. Many of the stories presented in the videos were truly heart warming, fun, and sincere. We feel this contest will be a great step in helping spread information about why detoxification and the use of ionic foot baths is so important.

Our congratulations to the following winners:

Grand Prize: IonCleanse® Premier® – Sherry Beitzel
First Prize: One Case of 304/321 plates – Tracy Washbourne
Second Prize: One case of 316 plates – Melody Kinman
Third Prize: Winchester Level 1 Seminar DVD – Karen Kent
Fourth Prize: Two sets of 316 replacement plates – Gayle Vallie

Again, thank you for all of your wonderful videos.




Neill Moroney
A Major Difference, Inc.

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