AMD & the Environment

AMD has a passion for alternative healthcare and, more specifically, detoxification. We also feel this passion for the environment. While we encourage people to keep themselves clean on the inside, we feel we must all help to keep the environment on this planet clean, as well. AMD strives to do its share by recycling all appropriate materials, using packaging materials that are recyclable and non-hazardous, and promoting cleaning agents that are non-toxic and biodegradable. AMD's commitment to the environment starts with its owners. Two of AMD's owners drive hybrid cars as a means to cut down on emissions.



Since early 2007, AMD has leased a 3-yard recycling dumpster for itself and the business buildings that surround the area. The dumpster is emptied twice per week and is consistently full before the collection. With this dumpster, we can recycle all cardboard, mixed office paper, glass, and even most plastic containers. Aside from the ionic foot baths we receive in trade-ins, there's not much left for the landfill, and even the trade-in units are scrapped for parts and broken down into recyclable components.

We strive to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible, and we feel that recycling and providing the opportunity for our neighboring businesses to recycle is a great demonstration of this commitment.


Packaging Materials

Packing and shipping materials are a costly expenditure each month for AMD. We ship out hundreds, if not thousands, of packages each month to customers all over the world. We purchase boxes that are comprised of post-consumer materials, and have recently found ways to decrease box sizes. We use biodegradable peanuts (made from corn) as opposed to petroleum-based polystyrene peanuts that can take hundreds or even a thousand years to biodegrade. Additionally, the corn-made peanuts replace 80% of our need for traditional bubble wrap (also made from petroleum-based plastics). While the biodegradable peanuts are more expensive, we feel compelled to use this method of packaging to do our part in preserving a clean environment.



AMD is in business to serve mankind, which includes protecting the environment. We are willing to absorb the added costs of doing business in a way that reflects our values.