Meet the Team

Neill Moroney

Neill Moroney is Co-owner and President of AMD. Neill was involved with ionic footbath technology from the beginning, while still in college, attending trade shows with his father, learning the intricacies of how the footbath works. He experienced and observed the technology first-hand as he gave footbath sessions to thousands of people. In 2003, with a business degree in finance and accounting, he took over managing the office, continuing to grow in experience and learning how the ionic footbath changes lives. Neill’s motto is that we do one thing and we do it very well. Under his guidance, AMD’s entire effort is devoted to footbath therapy, to manufacturing the best and most up-to-date machine. Beyond the quality of our central product is our focus on our customers ‘€“ to give them the most for their money with continuing education and support. Neill wants our customers to succeed in their endeavors, whether they be solely for personal health or for a business, as well. Our customers get a machine that lasts a long time and is reliable, customer service that is always available, and education that is ongoing.

Neill believes that a healthy lifestyle cannot be had in a vacuum, that the environment needs to be taken care of as well. AMD keeps this in mind in all decision-making arenas. The array cleaning products we recommend and sell are non-toxic, we have done our best to select packing materials that are biodegradable and we recycle all office boxes and papers.

Neill has personal experience of the value of the IonCleanse®, noticing that his springtime allergies are less intense when he does regular sessions in January and February.


Barbara Moroney

Barbara Moroney is Co-owner and Director of Internet Marketing of AMD. This is an expanded role for Barbara, which up until now has been one of editor and writer of internet content. Barbara researches and writes articles related to detoxification for our website and as a guest for health-related blogs. As Director of Internet Marketing, Barbara expects to increase our presence on social media sites, spreading the word about the benefits of ionic footbath detoxification and the value of the IonCleanse® systems. She will also regularly update customers on company news and timely topics.

Barbara continues to appreciate the benefits of ionic footbath technology, first experienced with Dr. Bob as it spread across the county in the early 2000’s. Ion therapy fits in well with her organic living and yogic lifestyle, Sunday night ionic footbaths combined with infrared sauna are a regular part of her health routine.


Glenn Wilhelm

Glenn is Sales Manager of AMD. Glenn is a multifaceted sales and marketing executive with over 25 years of in-depth experience of business development in the health care, real estate, retail, industrial and franchise industries. Prior to joining A Major Difference in March of 2011, Glenn had a long and successful career at Cooper Industries as a National Accounts Manager where he was responsible for accounts such as Wal-Mart and Sears Hardware. In 2006 he and his family relocated to Denver Colorado and Glenn entered the real estate industry for RE/MAX International. Glenn excelled in this arena as a consultant to RE/MAX franchise owners and in the franchise sales department.

Glenn decided to join AMD in 2011 based on his own results from using the IonCleanse® system. ‘€œThe IonCleanse® has become part of my life. Not only do I believe in the product, but I use it every single week’€ says Glenn. Since becoming part of the AMD family, Glenn has been instrumental in the continued growth of AMD. ‘€œIt’s all about education ‘€“ at the practitioner level and at the consumer level. We have the best product on the market and there is an absolute need for our product. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using the IonCleanse® detoxification system.’€


Margaret Braginetz

Margaret is Shipping Manager of AMD. Margaret’s eagle eye for detail makes sure orders contain all items purchased, are packed well, shipped on time, and head for the correct destination. Lucky for AMD, Margaret’s skills, honed over the years as an assistant marketing manager, USA for PPL and as a legal secretary, are now used to research and write articles and to copy edit all content for AMD’s website. Margaret loves to do research and her interest in history gives her articles a unique slant. She keeps AMD’s staff abreast of some of the latest developments in detoxification. Margaret’s passion for animal welfare and a safe and clean environment make her a perfect fit for AMD. Margaret, also Neill’s aunt, joined the AMD team in 2006.


Cassandra “Cassie not Kathy” Cameron

Cassandra is Bookkeeper and Service Representative for AMD. Cassie has one more year to finish for her bachelor’s degree in accounting. She does the accounts receivables, daily deposits, writes up our invoices and processes all orders before they are handed off to Margaret for shipping. As our service representative she is available during business hours to answer customer questions about their machines, troubleshooting when necessary. Existing customers most likely speak with Cassie when ordering minutes for Pay-Per-Cleanse®, or array plates or other accessories. She is also our office ‘€œphysical-fitness good fairy,’€ challenging Neill and Glenn to take fitness breaks from their desks with weight exercises, sit-ups, push-ups, and stretching.


Debbi Williams

Debbi is a Customer Service Representative for AMD and joined the team in 2015. You will most likely speak to Debbi when ordering AMD accessories or purchasing minutes for the Pay-Per-Cleanse. She is one of our troubleshooters and enjoys answering questions about the Premier and Solo machines, also handling repair service, when needed.

Debbi has a B.S. degree in Business, Marketing and has a strong customer service background in the hospitality and insurance industries. She is the mother of two teens and is married to her high school sweetheart. She enjoys hiking in the Colorado Mountains and camping at the National Parks with her family and pet Bernese mountain dog, ‘€œOakley.’€


Jessica Seguin

Jessica is AMD’s tradeshow and conference coordinator and sales department administrative assistant. Jessica is originally from Chicago; she quickly joined the AMD family after moving to Colorado. Jessica’s attention to detail and impeccable organizational skills make a perfect fit for organizing AMD’s busy travel schedule. You may also speak with her on the sales line where she can offer up her family’s first-hand experience using the IonCleanse® by AMD.


Dave Jeffrey

Dave oversees the cutting, machining, etching, and fabricating of the patented plates and arrays that are exclusive to the IonCleanse® brand. Utilizing specialized precision high-powered lasers, the metal for the plates is cut from giant sheets of American-made-and-certified stainless steel. The acrylic is also cut using lasers that have tolerances of less than .001inch. This precision ensures that every one of the IonCleanse® plates and arrays are exactly the same. Our customers can expect quality and consistency unmatched in our industry.


Bob Walker

Bob oversees the manufacturing of the IonCleanse® units. He Ensures that each unit is made to specification; Bob demands the highest quality parts with the lowest possible failure rates available in the marketplace. He uses “1% parts,” meaning out of box of 100 pieces, only 1 is statistically likely to fail. This ensures that each IonCleanse® will last for a decade or longer. Since the first IonCleanse® unit was sold in 2002, many thousands of machines are in great working condition, never needing repair, thanks to Bob’s dedication and perfectionism.


Brian Bell

Brian is the technical guru we turn to for anything related to manufacturing, production, or development. With over 30 years of engineering experience, Brian works together with Bob on a daily basis to ensure that each IonCleanse®, made by hand, passes the rigorous quality control tests we have established. Brian also possesses an impeccable attention to detail, which, coupled with his remarkable engineering abilities, solidifies the AMD team’s commitment to quality, safety, and success.

AMD’s Security Team

Bear Moroney - Head of Security Halle "Left Eye" Moroney - Ground Enforcer Tink Seguin - Couch Patrol Peaches Williams - Sonar Surveillance

Ashton Griego - Hot Lap Monitor Oakley Williams - Night Patrol