Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay… with a Spritz of Glyphosate

Barbara Moroney November 4, 2019

Almost all of the wine I drink comes from California so I was dismayed, but not surprised, to learn that these wines contain glyphosate, the herbicide...

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The Dreaded Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction

Barbara Moroney October 18, 2019

A familiar concept in healing is that things often get worse before they get better. A healing crisis can occur in physical, mental, or emotional heal...

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Five Foods – How They Promote Detox, How to Optimize Their Effe...

Barbara Moroney August 29, 2019

Detoxification is an essential part12 of12 any healthful lifestyle, and a treasure trove of support comes from natural food sources. Not surprisingly,...

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Why Conducted Emissions Compliance is Important

Barbara Moroney June 4, 2019

When you plug your ionic foot bath into an outlet in your home or office, you most likely never consider that it could damage your computer, TV, cell...

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The Autism Community in Action (TACA): One Parent at a Time

Guest March 11, 2019

TACA is a support organization of families with autism helping other families with autism. Our grassroots group has grown from a handful of families i...

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Relax and Change Your Genes

Barbara Moroney February 20, 2019

Learning how to relax is a lifestyle choice that can have a powerful influence on your health. One recent study in 2018 found that relaxation can lowe...

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The Toxins You Are Wearing

Barbara Moroney January 21, 2019

When Consumers Against Toxic Apparel (CATA) was featured on my local TV station a while ago, I stood up and took notice. Toxins in clothing? Given tha...

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Double December is Back

Barbara Moroney December 3, 2018

For the second year in a row, AMD is pleased to offer its customers double rewards points on all orders for the entire month of December. Remember, th...

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Monsanto’s Glyphosate (Roundup) On Trial

Barbara Moroney November 8, 2018

A recent Monsanto trial in California is important for those of us who want to do our best to stay healthy. The plaintiff in the trial was Dewayne Joh...

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Refer-a-Friend Donation Matching Program (beta)

Neill Moroney April 25, 2018

AMD supports a variety of charities throughout the year. To see if our customers might like to add their contributions to these organizations, we have...

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