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Earn rewards with online purchases!

AMD now has an online rewards program! We want to say ‘€œthank you’€ to our tens of thousands of loyal customers, and how better to do that than to give back?

Just as with airlines ‘€œmiles’€, the more you spend the more you earn with our program. As points accumulate in your account you have the option to cash them in toward purchases at any time. Here are some of the basics of the program:

Rewards Points are tracked automatically and thus make it easy for our customers to manage their account balances, sign up for email alerts when points are about to expire, and view a complete history of their rewards earnings and redemptions.

As AMD President Neill Moroney investigated website platforms to build AMD’s new website, he thought it paramount to incorporate a rewards module that would provide seamless integration. He found what he was looking for with a Colorado-based website development firm. The seamless integration of this program means that customers will continue to experience an online shopping experience that is simple and easy to use, yet elegant and very robust.

Again, thank you for your continued support and loyalty. We hope to continue to share a mutually rewarding experience with all of our customers.

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