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Become a “Fan” of AMD on Facebook

What is the best way to share ideas and information?

The internet.

While our website is jam-packed with information regarding the IonCleanse® foot baths and all of its detoxification accessories, we feel there is much more we can offer through other avenues on the web. One such avenue is

Facebook is part of the rapidly growing "social media" trend and is commonly thought of as an internet site where people keep in touch with people. However, Facebook is much more than that: it is a vehicle for sharing information.

AMD has created a corporate page on to build and develop our community with the following goals in mind.

  • Share information about detoxification as well as the alternative health field in general.
  • Allow people to post pictures of their establishments, IonCleanse® detox foot bath session rooms, or even dirty foot bath water.
  • Establish a forum where our customers can meet and talk to each other.
  • Communicate with our customers more efficiently. Since email newsletters can be stopped by spam filters, never delivered, or accidentally deleted, Facebook is a more reliable vehicle for updating our clients.

By becoming a ""Fan" of AMD on, you will:

  • Learn about new ways to market your IonCleanse® detox foot bath service.
  • Have access to interesting and informative articles on detoxification and alternative medicine.
  • Meet other AMD customers.
  • Benefit from the broad scope of knowledge that AMD has accumulated over the past 10 years.
  • Share your own experiences, ideas, or protocols with the rest of the IonCleanse® community.
  • Have the quickest access to new research and product offerings from AMD.
  • Be made aware of periodically offered specials and promotions from AMD. is not just a social website anymore. It is a vehicle for spreading knowledge and keeping in touch easily and effectively. Join us!

Click here to visit and become a fan of AMD.

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