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The Colors of Detoxification: The Answer To a FAQ about the Colors of IonCleanse® Footbath Water

One question we are frequently asked at AMD is “Why, if detoxification takes place, do the colors of the footbath water always look the same?” Our answer is “Because they do not.”
The coloration of water from one session to the next may look similar but is not the same. Without a side-by-side comparison, the often subtle differences between sessions can be missed as the colors blend together in the mind’s eye. So, we have assembled some pictures to show you these subtleties. The two rows of images below are from six different footbath sessions.
The three images in the top row show how the consistency and color vary in three different IonCleanse® sessions of a male client. The bottom three show the same for a female client. Notice also that the female client’s footbaths have a recurring pattern of colors different from the male, with a foamier and bubblier surface often associated with allergies or congestion.
The video below shows time lapse photos of two footbaths side by side, again very similar. The side-by-side comparison shows the subtle differences that can be easy to overlook. If the water colors depended solely on the machine or salt, the colors should be the same.


Footbath color results differ in color, consistency, the types of particles floating on the top and also smell. Smells coming from footbaths are often associated with the lifestyles of the users. For example, the smell of smoke has been noticed coming from the footbaths of cigarette smokers. Another example, featured in a different article, tells the story of how a chlorine smell emanating from the footbath of a swimmer lead us to discover the toxic derivative that actually causes the smell associated with swimming pools.
An individual’s footbaths will often look similar because the same toxins are being released yet not identical because the amounts of the different toxins varies from one session to the next. The footbaths of people who live in the same geographical area are also similar because they drink the same water, breathe the same air and probably eat similar foods. Family members, for obvious reasons, have exceptionally similar footbath results.
On the other hand, footbath sessions can also produce noticeably different results. When the IonCleanse® foot detox machine was taken to trade shows, the coloration of footbath water of attendees from different parts of the world often showed more dramatic differences. This can be explained by the routine exposure to different types of toxins and probably different concentrations of the same toxins. At a trade show in Las Vegas, a group of young women all produced footbath water that was very orange, lacking the usual blacks and browns and greens, and distinctly different from the people who came before and after them. The mystery was solved as inquisitive questioning revealed that they were gymnasts who, because of their sport, have joints subjected to a lot of physical stress.
Sometimes footbath water remains surprising clear during a session. Given our toxic environment, it usually means not that the person is free of toxins but rather that he or she is under so much stress that the body does not have enough energy to detoxify. At other times a regular user will experience a session that is exceptionally dark and full of particles, indicating the body has found the energy and focus to make a major release.
AMD President Neill Moroney has spent many years observing and comparing color changes as well as gathering insight from the stories of others. Hopefully, this article has helped to clarify how footbath colors vary and relate to detoxification. Included in our brochure are the associations between color and detoxification that were discovered through energy testing. However, and maybe more importantly, Neill and the rest of the staff at AMD find joy and gauge our success from the daily phone calls we receive from happy and often grateful practitioners and customers who have experienced the physical, emotional, and mental rewards from ionic footbath detoxification.
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