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Detoxification and The Third Pillar of Health

A friend, at my house for a small party, opened the door to my refrigerator and saw nothing but healthy, organic food. Absent were the junk (processed) foods and beverages commonly found in American kitchens. My friend, who was standing right next to me asked, “are you trying to live to 120?” “No,” I replied. “I am trying to die healthy.”

Dying healthy has become an almost foreign concept in our lives. Given the increasing rates of so many health-threatening, life-threatening diseases, more often than not the expectation is that we will likely at some point become debilitated with one of them. Is there some alternative? I am convinced there is; however, it does take a continuing effort to cultivate good health. The foundation for this healthy lifestyle is what I describe as the 3 pillars of health.

As I see it, the 3 pillars of health  can be summarized as “Inputs –> Processes –> Outputs.”  I explain each below.


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1. Inputs
I think of inputs as everything that enters your body. Some inputs you have more control over than others – the foods you eat, the water you drink, the products you put on your body (lotions, cosmetics, etc.), the medications you take, and the choice of products you use in your home (cleaners, air fresheners, etc.). Other inputs you have much less control over – overall air quality and environmental chemicals that pervade food containers, garden supplies, and home products from their initial manufacture (pesticides, phthalates, flame retardants, etc).

2. Processes
Quite simply, this is what your body does with the inputs. This refers to everything that you (body and mind) think and do – whether or not you exercise, how well you sleep, whether or not you effectively reduce your stress and create true relaxation.

3. Outputs
One word describes this concept – detoxification. Your body constantly detoxifies. Your lungs exhale carbon dioxide from moment to moment, your bowel movements (hopefully 2-3 times per day) remove solid wastes, and your kidneys cleanse the blood and remove wastes and extra fluid. There are many other mechanisms your body uses to detoxify itself, each of which is vital to staying alive, not to mention being healthy.

To some degree, most are familiar with the importance of paying attention to your body’s “inputs” and “processes.” Even conventional news outlets talk about “eating a good diet” and “exercising regularly.” But not as much attention is given to the equally important task of detoxification. I believe that if you lose focus of any of the 3 pillars, regardless of how proficient you are with the other 2, your health will start to fail at some point. With today’s toxic bombardment on our bodies, extra detoxification is necessary to help maintain good health.

Detoxification as a Lifestyle

Exercising is a good analogy to explain the importance of ongoing detoxification as a lifestyle choice. If you go to the gym and work out for 2 months, you will be in better shape than when you started. You may look in the mirror and say, “I’m in shape now, and I am happy with the results.” However, if you stop working out, what happens? You lose that fitness.

Detoxification requires the same regular regimen as going to the gym. It is not something you do once a year, nor is it a special “cleanse” that you try once or twice in your lifetime. Detoxification, to have a meaningful impact on your health, needs to become part of your lifestyle –  just like diet, exercise, and everything else that make up the 3 pillars of health.

With all of this in mind, I feel fortunate to be able to offer a detoxification protocol that supports the third pillar of health. The IonCleanse® detox footbath is most effective when used in an initial program to lower body toxins that have accumulated over time, and then in a maintenance program to remove further accumulation. The IonCleanse® detoxification system helps to make that third foundational pillar strong and enduring

Detoxification as A Lifestyle – Learn How

AMD founder Dr. Robert Moroney’s book, Total Body Detoxification: The Way to Healthy Aging, can help you create a program to maintain your health through detoxification.

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