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Erchonia EB-305 and EB Pro Detox Foot Bath Trade-in Offer

As the leader in this industry, AMD is extending a special trade-in offer to all Erchonia customers who have an ionic foot bath that is no longer working, needs service, or is not yielding the results they were expecting. To take advantage of this offer, scroll down to the bottom of this page, and fill out our trade-in form. We will contact you shortly with a quote!

IonCleanse by AMD vs EB-305 and EB Pro

One big difference between the IonCleanse by AMD and the EB detox foot bath systems is power. The IonCleanse by AMD uses a medical-grade power supply that is plugged into an electrical outlet. This allows the IonCleanse system to run at 2 amps and 10-20 volts. The EB units are battery-operated, which limits their power output to approximately 1 amp. This means that a normal 30-minute session with the IonCleanse by AMD would equate to a 60-minute session with the EB-305 or EB Pro. Spending an hour with your feet in the water, whether it is at home or in an office, is a challenge (especially with special needs kiddos).

Battery maintenance

As you probably know, batteries wear out. Cell phones, laptops, and other electronics that use rechargeable batteries need servicing more often than systems that can plug into an outlet. The batteries in the EB line of detox foot baths cannot be serviced by the end-user. When your battery starts to falter, you need to return the unit to Erchonia (on your own dime) for repair. As we discuss below, this is not a cheap endeavor as the unit is very heavy. Shipping back and forth along with the actual cost of the maintenance can run a few hundred dollars. This is an expected maintenance expense of the machine. Since the IonCleanse by AMD does not run on batteries, our customers completely escape this routine expense. 


The IonCleanse by AMD uses an array (water element) with an open housing design. We intentionally chose this design for a few reasons, one of which was the ease of cleaning. Having an open design is quite important to our customers who need to be able to quickly and easily clean the array in between sessions.  Here is a funny back story: In 2000 and 2001 my Dad and I sold an ionic foot bath made by Erchonia. Erchonia’s current array design is substantially the same as the one that we used all that time ago. I know how difficult it is to clean those arrays as I had cleaned hundreds of them! The enclosed cylinder forces you to tap the array on the side of the sink to get all of the particulates out. If you do not do this thoroughly, when you submerge the array in a foot bath all kinds of “floaties” start sprouting from the array before you even turn the machine on. It was time-consuming and kind of embarrassing if not properly done. I had to refill many foot tubs at conferences because of this phenomenon. Trust me, when the IonCleanse by AMD array was developed, I was a much happier camper. 

Weight and shipping

You might be surprised how often people travel with their detox foot baths. We field questions often about how to travel with the IonCleanse by AMD — whether the unit will be shipped, or taken as carry-on or checked airline luggage. The IonCleanse control unit (the mechanism with the electronics) is very lightweight at around two pounds. If our customers use the protective carrying case with the array and power supply, the weight is up to about six to seven pounds. It is very easy to ship and travel with our system. If you have an EB unit you know this is not so with your system. The EB units weigh over 20 pounds because of the heft of the large battery that is needed to run their system. Lugging them through airports is extremely tiresome. And shipping them not only can be an expensive headache, but also a huge inconvenience because their large battery might need to be declared to the shipping company. 

Ongoing support and service

AMD has been in the ionic detox foot bath business since 2002 when we sold our first IonCleanse branded system. We do one thing, and we do it very well. We will be here to support you and your product. Many competitors have come and gone from this industry, but we have remained. You can feel confident and secure that when you buy from us, we will be around to support you and service your equipment if necessary. 

We also are dedicated to the research and development of our IonCleanse by AMD line of products. Our mission is to get the IonCleanse machine the recognition it deserves. 

Please fill out the form below and we will be back in touch within one business day.

Request a Trade-In Quote

    Here at AMD we give you the opportunity to trade in older units or machines of a different brand for credit towards an IonCleanse by AMD. We have received hundreds of machines over the years, proving that no unit can compare to ours. Fill out the form below, as completely as possible, to get a quote for your trade-in, and you will be one step closer to experiencing the difference. A representative will review your information and respond with an offer within one business day.

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