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IonCleanse® Testimonials – Spreading the Word

We at AMD are grateful for all of the wonderful testimonials we have received about the IonCleanse®. These testimonials are just a sample of the many stories we hear daily from users who are happy not only with the healthful results and benefits to their practice from their footbath machine but also for the entire package that comes with it – the quality of equipment, comprehensive marketing and technical support, and daily accessibility of AMD staff during business hours.

Given we do not have the resources to sponsor large scientific studies to support the data we know to be true, we rely on the personal and professional stories of our clients and word-of-mouth referrals not only to reinforce our belief in our product but also to help inform others about the IonCleanse® so that it can make a difference in the lives of more people.

To authenticate the sources of our testimonials we have, when possible, taken screenshots or other pictures of the original copy we received. Blacked-out areas contain references that we cannot make, given our FDA approval as a non-medical device.

Our testimonials cover a wide range of topics:

  • How the IonCleanse® compares in quality to other units as illustrated by the following testimonial.

 “I have been using ion foot baths for over 10 years. I have owned several brands, but the IonCleanse® has been the best.” – Bekki Medsker, ND

  • The health benefits of ionic footbath therapy with the IonCleanse® as noted by the following customers.

“I have been the proud owner of an ionCleanse® machine for about 8 years. I have numerous clients who have had dramatic results.” – Joyce Ann Okonek

“I was in constant physical discomfort. Slowly through diet changes accompanied by weekly Ion Cleanses, I began to heal.” – Kathleen B.

  • The quality of equipment and service AMD succinctly spelled out by the following practitioner.

“I researched and personally tested other units and did my due diligence. Based on all that I learned, the unit I decided on purchasing was the IonCleanse® Premier by A Major Difference, Inc. I have been extremely satisfied with the system and with the support available at AMD.” – Dr. James Cilicek, MD

  • The importance to practitioners of the business aspect of owning the IonCleanse® detoxification system.

“The 1st machine paid for itself in 6 months, the second one in a year.” – Lynn Diehl

Thanks, again, to our wonderful customers; we continue to rely on your stories, so share your experiences with us. And do not forget, if you know of someone who would benefit from owning their own IonCleanse® by AMD, we have a great referral program.

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