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Trade in your IonSpa® for an IonCleanse® system

AMD has learned that Bella Spa Products, the manufacturer of the ionSpa® ionic foot baths, has recently closed its doors. As a leader in the ionic foot bath industry, A Major Difference, Inc. would like to support owners of this unit and is offering a special trade-in for ionSpa® owners.

Trade in your ionSpa® Personal, Portable, or Professional ionic foot bath (new, used, broken, or beaten-up) and receive $1,500 off the regular retail price of the IonCleanse® Premier® or $1,000 off the IonCleanse® Solo® foot baths. 

AMD has been in the detox foot bath industry for over ten years and offers the most comprehensive service and support to our customers. Benefits of being an AMD customer include:

  • Access to in-house naturopathic doctors and chiropractors to advise on contraindications
  • Overnight Warranty Repair Service for the Premier® – minimize down time if your machine ever needs servicing
  • Free Practitioner Locator – let new clients find you on our website
  • Have access to the latest in education and research on ionic foot baths

Join the hundreds of thousands of IonCleanse® users and practitioners. Offer the safest, most reliable, and most technologically advanced ionic foot bath on the market.

This offer expires March 31, 2015. Please call us at 877-315-8638 for more details.

ionSpa® Trade-in Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you again for working with me on the trade-in of my ion spa unit. Your professionalism was evident and I appreciated the time you spent answering all my questions. You were very patient. The transition was very smooth and I was without a unit a minimum of time. I feel you did all you could from your end to expedite things. I so appreciate A Major Difference making this offer. This was very generous.

I believed the ionspa to be a very good foot bath. But I have to say, the AMD is a superior product.  To say it is an upgrade is an understatement. I feel I will have many years of great foot baths.  It is truly a quality product. There is really nothing I don’t like about it and will recommend it to others.

Thanks again. It is good to know you are there because as you probably realized I am not shy about asking questions. By the way, the DVD was great. Very helpful and informative.

P. H.

Let me start out by thanking you for getting the Ion Cleanse out to me as quickly at you did.  We were utilizing the Ion Spa footbath unit which is no longer available.  Need I say I was in a panic when it just quit working on late friday and we had 6 clients set up for Tuesday.  As you promised it was here on Monday.  I currently own a practice in Alternative Healing and Hypnosis.  We are presently doing about 6 footbaths a day and are anticipating that the number could double in a couple of months because of our new location and marketing. Which of course means that we probably will have to purchase another unit.  I was also very thrilled with the offer of sending back my Ion Spa footbath and receiving a $1,500.00 refund.  I strongly suggest anyone out there using the Ion Spa footbath purchase the Ion Cleanse.  Not only is the refund great, but we are highly satisfied with how easy it is to operate and all the different features you can utilize with this unit.


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