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Are you interested in selling the IonCleanse® by AMD?

The IonCleanse® brand is unmatched in the industry in its effectiveness, quality, safety, and value. People need our product and we have a virtually an untapped market!

To help take advantage of this opportunity, AMD is launching a new sales program. Effective immediately, we are establishing a network of independent sales representatives throughout North America and other countries to sell the IonCleanse®.

Are you interested in selling the IonCleanse®?

If so, we would like to talk to you if:

  • You currently own an IonCleanse®.
  • You have a background or connections in the alternative health care industry.
  • You have the time and desire to focus your efforts on selling the IonCleanse®.
  • You think you can average one sale per month.

If you are qualified and selected for this program, AMD will provide:

  • Lucrative compensation plan
  • Free training
  • Ongoing support

No financial investment is required

Since our product can benefit almost everyone on the planet, your sales opportunities are almost limitless! If selected, we will teach you how to sell to individuals, to practitioners, to your clients, via the internet, through trade shows, through networking, and through referrals. Almost any person that you come in contact with is a candidate for cleansing with the IonCleanse®!

For more information on the application process, please contact:

Glenn Wilhelm
National Sales Manager
877-315-8638 x103

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