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Diversify with the IonCleanse® system

You have probably noticed that AMD has developed a document to guide customers through techniques that have proven successful in marketing the IonCleanse® detox foot bath. There are reasons why adding the IonCleanse® system to your business makes sense in today's economic environment. First, take a look at why businesses diversify.

Although diversification is a marketing strategy we often associate with some very large corporations, never think small. The principles and goals of corporate diversification are as applicable to small businesses as they are to the giants. Basically, there are two reasons to diversify. First, obviously, is to increase profits. Second, diversification can help your company weather economic slumps. So, we see that diversification is important to grow your business and to maintain profitability during difficult times.

There are three ways to diversify:

  1. Horizontal – Where the new product or service is unrelated to the company's current goods or services, but could be sold through the existing channel of distribution. A classic example is Avon's jewelry. Although jewelry was unrelated to Avon's original product line of fragrance and beauty care, Avon recognized the potential in its method of distribution; that is, through women selling Avon products door to door and to their everyday friends and acquaintances.
  2. Conglomerate (Lateral) – Market new products/services that have no technical or commercial connection with current products/services. This is the riskiest type of diversification. A spectacular failure in this area was McDonald's venture (in Switzerland) into the hospitality industry. McDonald's constructed two four-star hotels in very attractive locations with clear connection to the McDonald's corporate logo of the "golden arches." Unfortunately, the unforeseen hurdle McDonald's could not overcome was to reconcile the consumers' image of a fast-food restaurant with an upscale, four-star hotel.
  3. Concentric – In this method, there is a technical similarity between the new product/service and the company's existing line. Rather than introducing an unrelated product in a totally new market, the business owner should consider an expansion along the lines of the company's existing business; that is, a service or product that flows naturally from the primary operation. The business owner can then utilize the knowledge and experience gained from current operations and apply them to newly combined business.  

Which method of diversification is most easily implemented by a small company and stands to achieve the best results? We believe concentric diversification should probably be considered the easiest and safest. How does a business owner evaluate the benefits and potential risk involved with any new venture? There are three important steps:

  • Does the new product or service enhance your current line and is it attractive to your clients.
  • Is it economical? The initial outlay of capital should not utilize all of your future profits.
  • Does the new product/service afford you an edge over your competitors?

AMD's IonCleanse® detoxification footbath is clearly related to health maintenance and flows naturally from fields such as chiropractic offices, naturopaths, medical spas, massage therapists, reflexologists, and many others. The IonCleanse® system is already established as the number one ion detoxification footbath in the industry in terms of reliability, effectiveness and safety. Therefore, not only would the IonCleanse® footbath compliment your business, it is, in its own right, a quality product that is highly visible. AMD provides additional value to your company in the way of promotional and marketing tools to help you market footbaths to your clients.

Besides being an attractive element to your product mix, the IonCleanse® detox footbath is also an attractive financial investment. At an average cost to your customer of $40 per footbath, the IonCleanse® system can pay for itself in as little as four weeks.

The IonCleanse® can be the instrument that demonstrates to your clients your willingness to invest in their wellbeing. They will take notice that you are willing to learn new ways to expand your care of them. They will notice your willingness to invest in their future.

In a very real sense, A Major Difference has done a good portion of the work for you. Call us and speak with a representative who can help you structure your IonCleanse® footbath operation to establish a realistic timetable for a return on your investment. Our representative can also advise how best to utilize and capitalize on the education and certification programs that AMD offers.

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