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Avoiding Toxins vs. IonCleanse® Detoxification

At AMD we continually explore the available data on toxins found in our environment. The more we learn, the more we are convinced that the path to good health is one that minimizes the harmful effects of the synthetic chemicals and other toxins that we are exposed to daily. And this means a regular maintenance program of detoxification.

Even a cursory investigation into what makes our environment toxic, both inside and outside the home, may surprise many. Automobile and factory emissions and pesticides are poisons most would easily recognize as harmful. Yet some common everyday items, such as plastic bottles and toothpaste, which contain some of over 75,000 registered synthetic chemicals that have never been tested for safety, are proving to be just as dangerous to health. The same is true of the rising number of GMO food products in the grocery store.

Let us examine the toxins you might be exposed to in an ordinary day. In the morning, if you wash your hands with antibacterial or deodorizing soap and then brush your teeth with certain toothpastes you have exposed yourself to triclosan, a hormone disruptor. You may sit on your couch to watch the morning news before going to work, which brings you in contact with flame retardants.  During your drive to work you inhale car exhaust. Unless you make sure that all of the food you eat at lunch is non GMO, you are exposed to higher levels of pesticides as well as the potentially harmful effects of the GMO food itself (GMO food products have been shown to be detrimental to health because they upset the balance of flora in the gut). The plastic from your bottled water may not have BPA anymore but controversy exists over whether this is enough to make plastic food containers safe. Given the past history of chemical safety, this controversy could go on for decades before any existing harmful effects are officially recognized. Computers and other electronics offer another source of toxins. Finally, when you go to sleep at night you are once again in contact with flame retardants from your mattress. And this brief example barely scratches the surface of the amount of toxic exposure for the day.

Women have additional sources of toxic exposure in the products that promise to enhance a look of health and beauty. Makeup and skin care products are some of the most toxic on the market. Thousands of the more than 82,000 chemicals used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, the majority of which have never been tested for safety.  These chemicals include carcinogens, pesticides, skin irritants and hormone disruptors. Once you look beyond the advertised ‘€œnatural and herbal essences’€ in a product the ingredients list often deteriorates into potentially harmful chemicals manufactured in a lab. And these products stay on your absorptive skin all day.

Daily living, no matter how careful one is about diet and exercise, is a constant source of toxic exposure, which is why we at AMD believe that healthy living should include a program that has an initial phase to eliminate toxins accumulated over years and ongoing maintenance thereafter to remove the toxic accumulations that come from everyday living.

We at AMD take this information to heart and practice a maintenance program of detoxification with our IonCleanse® system. AMD’s IonCleanse® detox foot bath provides the safest and most effective way to detoxify. A unique feature of the ion footbath is the additional channel it creates through which toxins can be eliminated, something that aids the overburdened organs of elimination. Read more about the need for ionic foot bath therapy.

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