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The Colors of the IonCleanse® Ion Footbath Revisited

A unique feature of ionic footbath detoxification technology is the display of colors in the tub water as toxins are removed from the body. This display is the source of much curiosity and many questions from potential customers. One of the most frequently asked questions is,  “will the detox foot bath water change colors if no feet are in it?” Followed by its corollary, “if the footbath changes color with water alone, how can you know the ion foot bath is removing toxins?”

The best way to answer these questions is to examine the pictures below. Picture 1 on the left shows the results from a 30-minute session with no feet in the water.  Picture 2 shows the results, using the same tap water source, of a 30-minute session with a person’s feet in the water.  Picture 3 shows a close-up side-by-side comparison of two sessions, one with and one without feet.

Footbath_with_No_Feet Ion_Footbath_Water_With_Feet
Picture 1 Picture 2



Picture 3

The IonCleanse® ion footbath removes the toxins we are exposed to every day in the home and in the environment. Toxic elements are found in the air, in household food and cleaning products, and garden products; they include pesticides, hormone disruptors, heavy metals, and more.  Tap water contains many of these toxins, as well, and therefore changes footbath-water color, but to a much lesser degree than an actual detox session. A significant difference between footbath water from a person’s session and that from running an array in water alone is the frequent presence of particles and fatty-type deposits. You can easily see how dark and dense these particles and deposits can be (picture 2 and the “with” session of picture 3).

Equally impressive are the spectacularly different results from one person to the next, as shown in the picture below; a side-by-side comparison of footbath sessions from two 30-year-old women:


Picture 3

The final colors in the water reflect how the different kinds of toxins and their levels can vary from one person to the next. Another factor that contributes to such a difference is the amount of each toxin an individual’s body is capable of releasing during any one session.  Stress levels and the body’s overall health are important factors. As toxin levels change, a person can also witness distinct variations in their ion footbath water over the course of a detox program. For further explanation and other examples of footbath water color, see also our article The Colors of Detoxification

Ion footbath therapy is the most effective and noninvasive way to remove toxins from the body and enhance a person’s well-being, and the IonCleanse®, with its patented array system, is the safest and highest quality of all brands on the market.

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