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Why Conducted Emissions Compliance is Important

When you plug your ionic foot bath into an outlet in your home or office, you most likely never consider that it could damage your computer, TV, cell phone, and other electronic devices and appliances. But a foot bath that has not passed FCC conductive emission tests can do just that. Any device that you plug into an outlet receives electricity but also sends energy back through its power cord into the electrical network. It is the job of the FCC to set standards for this energy so that all devices are protected. IonCleanse® by AMD owners have that protection.

All IonCleanse models have gone through the design and testing necessary to conform to FCC regulations for electromagnetic emissions. Our units display the emblem below to verify that they have met the standards necessary for compliance.

While we’re proud of our FCC compliance, we also want to make consumers aware that just because you can purchase a product doesn’t mean that it is in compliance. When a foot bath does not conform to FCC regulations, you run the risk of damaging other electronic devices in your home or office every single time you plug that machine in.

FCC compliance may seem like a non-issue. As careful consumers, we compare different brands when buying a product but hardly, if ever, consider what this category means. That’s because the products we buy from trusted retail stores are FCC compliant. These stores have done this part of the shopping for us and have filtered out any potentially harmful products. They offer an invisible protection we take for granted. If you examine your TV, hairdryer, toaster oven, microwave, cell phone, vacuum cleaner, garage door opener, or any electrical product, you will be able to locate the above emblem somewhere – either on the product itself or in its corresponding literature.

Electrical Device Emissions Defined

Electrical devices emit electromagnetic energy in two forms: radiated emissions and conducted emissions.

Conducted Emissions

Conducted emissions refer to the electromagnetic energy transmitted through the power cord of any electrical device back onto the grid and can interfere with an entire electrical power network.

Radiated Emissions

Radiated emissions refer to the electromagnetic energy that propagates through the air, away from the ionic footbath (or any electrical device). Radiated emissions can interfere with products that are physically nearby.

FCC Compliance – What it Means

To protect the integrity of all electrical devices, the FCC regulatory agency sets the standard for allowable limits for the emissions described above. A device that conforms to these standards is safe near other products and plugged into the same electrical outlets. 

On the other hand, if you have a device, such as an ionic foot bath, that has not been tested for conformity you have no guarantee that its emissions will not interfere with or damage other products in your home or office. FCC conformity takes time and money – in the design and the certification process – to achieve. However, to choose a unit that does not conform illustrates the old adage of being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

So, when comparing ionic foot baths, always look for the logo and/or ask for the documentation:

(pictured – bottom side of the IonCleanse Solo by AMD) 



P.S. We also offer a trade-in program if you’re not happy with your current system. 

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