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The Autism Community in Action (TACA): One Parent at a Time

TACA is a support organization of families with autism helping other families with autism. Our grassroots group has grown from a handful of families in 2000 to a nation-wide community with chapters or a virtual presence in all states. TACA provides support around the clock, across every time zone in the country. On any given day, one parent might be receiving an early-morning email response while twenty other parents are at a mid-morning coffee talk led by a trained and experienced coordinator. Possibly on that same day, a hundred parents will attend an educational webinar. A few thousand will access TACA’s online support group. These services are all free.

TACA provides support and information to the autism community one parent at a time. One may seem like a small number, but not if you are the recipient of that help. Our volunteers and staff respond to the individual needs of a growing number of families. Information and guidance traveled through inboxes and phone lines more than one hundred thousand times last year. As the number of families with autism continues to rise, more parents than ever before are searching for answers. 

Education, support, and hope

An important event on the TACA calendar is the national conference. This year there will be two of them: an East Coast National Conference that will be held in March and a West Coast National Conference that will be held in October. At the upcoming East Coast National Conference, over 30 professional speakers will disseminate information on more than 50 topics. These presenters will cover all aspects of the autism journey. You might need help figuring out methylation, detoxification or where to find the nearest bathroom. More than 50 coordinators will be on hand to help parents get the most out of the conference for their children. In addition to learning about the latest research, treatments, and therapies, you can get an impossible-to-count amount of hope at a TACA conference.

We can’t do it without a little help from our friends.

A great use of time at a national conference is to visit the sponsors and exhibitors. You have an opportunity to learn about products and services that may benefit your children. AMD will once again be a huge part of the conference as a sponsor and as an exhibitor of the IonCleanse by AMD detoxification system. The group in the blue shirts will be ready to answer questions and demonstrate their ionic footbath with free sessions.

For more information about TACA and the East Coast Conference, visit the TACA website.

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