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Detox Foot Spa Trade-in Special Update!

Does your detox foot spa require a new battery every two years? Do you experience little or no customer service or support? Does your unit break down frequently? Do you have safety concerns regarding your ionic foot bath?

Trade-in your used or defective detox foot bath – Aqua Chi, Ion Spa, EB 305 or EB Pro, Aqua Detox®, Cell Spa, or any other ionic foot bath – toward the purchase of a new IonCleanse® Premier™ or IonCleanse® Solo™. Join the thousands of both practitioners and individuals who have experienced tremendous success with their IonCleanse® Systems.

AMD will give you up to $1,500 toward the purchase of IonCleanse® Premier™ or $1,000 toward the purchase of IonCleanse® Solo™ when you trade-in your ionic foot bath. Trade-in value is determined by the original purchase price of your ionic foot bath. For more details, please call AMD at 877-315-8638.

Offer expires March 31, 2015.

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