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IonCleanse® Promotional Foot Detox Video

A Major Difference has added another video to its growing library. IonCleanse® Promotional Video was created to give practitioners another avenue to promote IonCleanse® the ionic foot bath system in their office.

This seven minute video covers three topics. The first section discusses the overwhelming toxicity of the planet and how this toxicity affects all forms of life. Staggering statistics presented in this section will reinforce the need for detoxification.

The second section of the video titled IonCleanse® Science, describes in great detail how IonCleanse® works. Clients in a practitioner's office will come away with a better understanding of how the ionic foot bath helps to cleanse and purify the body.

The last section discusses the recommended session times and protocols with IonCleanse®. As described in the instructional literature that accompanies each unit, ionic foot baths should be done two to three times per week depending mainly on age. Sessions should not be done on consecutive days, nor should a session be longer than 30minutes. This section will give the client a better understanding of the overall program.

Click on the play button below to view the video.


Follow the link to purchase our IonCleanse® Promotional DVD and Instructional Video.

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