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Feature your business on AMD’s social media channels

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and AMD has thousands of loyal followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. We would like to use our social media presence to highlight the practitioners and business owners who support our brand and who play an important role in educating people on the importance of detoxification.

Fill in the form below and submit at least one IonCleanse by AMD-related photo. With your submitted photo, we will create a social media campaign showcasing your business. Keep in mind, the better quality of photo you send us, the better we can serve your business (high resolution please). This offer is open to all IonCleanse by AMD owners.

Help us help you market your services!

Check out this beautiful picture sent to us by the Integrative Wellness Group in Belmar, NJ.

Please allow some time for us to gather and verify submissions and to create your personalized campaign.  If we choose your picture to be featured on our page, we will follow up and let you know the date your submission will be posted.

AMD reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason. With your submission, you represent you have permission to use the likeness of anyone photographed, as well as grant AMD permission to use these images in its ongoing marketing efforts.


    *Company Name


    *Serial number of your IonCleanse by AMD

    *What would you like us to say about your company and the image(s) you attached? We will use this as part of our feature of your company.

    *Upload at least one IonCleanse-by-AMD-related picture we can use to feature your business. Maximum file size is 5mb.


    *Required fields



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