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Detox foot bath safety: external vs internal power supplies

AMD takes pride in providing customers with the safest detox foot bath on the market. Electricity and water can be a very dangerous combination. AMD’s concern for safety begins at the beginning ‘€“ the design of our footbath.Our system was designed to make sure that no user is ever exposed to danger. If proper safety features are not incorporated into the design of a detoxifying foot bath, serious, even fatal injury is possible.

Imagine dropping a hair dryer into the tub while you bathe. This is a very dangerous, possibly even fatal situation. Now, imagine a footbath detox system running on 110v AC current falling into the water while you cleanse. The same outcomes could occur. What are the odds of someone knocking a footbath detox system into the water during a session? Barbara Moroney, AMD’s co-owner and widow of the late Dr. Moroney has accidentally dropped the control unit (the ‘€œcomputer part’€ of the equipment with the keypad) into the water 3 times! She was never injured and is still with us today. Why wasn’t she injured?

The answer lies in the difference between an external and internal power supply. Foot bath power supplies convert dangerous AC current from the wall outlet into the harmless DC current that splits the water molecules to produce ions. The IonCleanse by AMD external power supply does this conversion before the current reaches the control unit. In other words, the current that enters an IonCleanse control unit has already been made safe. This is the reason Barbara was not hurt. An internal power supply might have resulted in a nightmarish ending. A footbath with an internal power supply converts AC current into DC current inside its control unit. If that unit falls into the water the user is exposed to dangerous 110v AC directly from the wall outlet.

The customary set-up for a detox session, especially in an office, is to have the control unit elevated on a stand near the water basin. With cords connecting the water element (array) to the control unit, it is easy for a person or pet to knock the control unit off the stand onto the floor or into the foot bath water. Additional connections such as wrist straps and belts increase the likelihood of knocking the control unit into the water.

Safety has always been a foundational principle at AMD.  We are proud to have a perfect safety record dating back to the introduction of the IonCleanse in 2002. We estimate that over 5 million IonCleanse by AMD sessions have been administered, and no one has ever been hurt by our equipment. A pretty amazing feat considering we do what you’ve been told never to do’€¦mix electricity with water.

When conducting your due diligence as a consumer:

  • Ask for safety reports. These are vital to make sure the manufacturer/supplier has sent their systems through 3rd-party testing. Click here to see ours.
  • Ask if the ionic foot bath you are considering has an internal or external power supply. If the unit has an internal power supply, ask what would happen to the user if that unit fell into the water. Then ponder if this is a risk you are willing to take for yourself, your kids, or your patients.
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