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How to muscle test with the IonCleanse® Premier®

The IonCleanse® Premier® is the only foot detox machine on the market with the patented dual polarity technology – the ability to create either an abundance of positively charged ions in the water, or an abundance of negatively charged ions in the water. The Premier’„¢ also has five different session programs to choose from. The program is determined by the needs of each client. Based on experience, we have found muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, to be a great tool in helping the practitioner select the correct program. In the IonCleanse® video below, Dr. Ted Winchester, D.C. demonstrates how the practitioner should perform the muscle test using the ionic foot detox machine. Click on the play button to begin.


We also want to emphasize that muscle testing is not required to operate the IonCleanse® Premier® machine. For practitioners who are not familiar with applied kinesiology, we recommend using mode three. This program is our “generic” program and should be selected if muscle testing is not used.

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