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IonCleanse® Detox Footbaths – Make the Right Choice the First Time

"Make the right choice the first time," Glenn Wilhelm, Sales Manager for A Major Difference, likes to caution our prospective customers. In the corner of his office, Glen keeps a mountain of foot baths in various states of disrepair that have been traded in for the IonCleanse® system. What makes the IonCleanse® foot bath the right first choice?

Effectiveness, for one. IonCleanse® system's effectiveness can best be illustrated by the actions and openly shared testimonials of its owners:

"IonCleanse® process helps maximize our results on balancing the body, and allowing the body to better detoxify itself."

"I love how I have been able to help so many people."

The IonCleanse® system is also effective in increasing business. Consider that, to keep up with demand, 70 percent of first-time business owners purchase a second unit within three months of their first purchase.

Safety is the second reason the IonCleanse® system is the right first choice. The IonCleanse® detoxification machine has a safety standard that is well documented. In comparison with the top seven ionic footbaths on the market, only the IonCleanse® machines pass in all of the following safety categories:

  • Product Safety Evaluation – IEC 60035-1
  • Radiated Emissions Test
  • Flammability Rating (UL 94V-1)
  • Accessibility of Hazardous Voltage Test
  • Leakage Current Test
  • CE Clearance

Contact AMD for an in-depth explanation of these safety evaluations and why they are so important.

The third reason is customer service. With a customer service record unequaled in this market, AMD maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) by paying attention and addressing the needs and concerns of its customers. From the beginning of the manufacturing process, through education and training programs, to the delivery of a plan that offers marketing strategies, AMD focuses on its customers. The IonCleanse® brand is the only ionic footbath of the top seven that is manufactured in the U.S.A. which assures quick, direct access to assistance from the manufacturer. The IonCleanse® system comes with the best warranty in the business.

Reason number four: Education. Addressing AMD's customers' need to provide the most effective footbath detoxification, AMD offers a four-part, online seminar, delivered by Dr. Ted Winchester, to help practitioners and individual users decipher the complexities of full body detoxification. AMD also sponsors three web-based seminars that specialize in such areas as IonCleanse® basics, weight loss, and candida infections.

Finally, the fifth reason the IonCleanse® unit is the clear best first choice is the Marketing Plan produced by AMD. To assist its customers in successfully marketing the IonCleanse® program to their clients and attaining the best possible profits, AMD offers, free of charge to purchasers of the Premier® model, a detailed Marketing Plan. The strategies and suggestions contained in it are condensed from an analysis of ten years' experience of the most successful practices utilizing the IonCleanse® machine.

AMD is committed to assist health-conscious people participate in their own health care. If you find yourself with a footbath that fails in any of the critical areas outlined here, talk to Glenn. AMD has implemented a trade-in program, so those who require IonCleanse® reliability have a second chance to make the right first choice. If you are in the market for your first detox footbath, you have the opportunity to make the right choice first.

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