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IonCleanse® Footbath and Far Infrared Sauna – A Great Detoxification Combination

People often ask us at A Major Difference (AMD) if we recommend using the IonCleanse® machine in combination with far infrared sauna. The Moroney family recommends, and uses, the IonCleanse® systems and far infrared together as part of our weekly health regimen. We do the sauna first and follow it with the detox footbath; the sauna pries toxins loose from cells, gets them out to the bloodstream, and the IonCleanse® system helps the body to continue expelling these toxins during and for some period of time after a footbath. We have noticed that we get some of our best sleep on the nights we dedicate to this ritual, the result we feel, from the deep relaxation the combination of sauna and footbath offer.

Why Use the Far Infrared Sauna?

Far infrared therapy is noted for its beneficial effects on the blood; it helps lower blood pressure and increase circulation, boosts cellular metabolism, and increases the production of both white blood cells and endorphins. The blood and its systems gain vigor, which results in a strengthened immune system, quicker injury healing, normalized cholesterol, and improved oxygen levels.

In addition to its effects on the blood, far infrared helps liquefy fat and expedites its elimination to aid in weight loss. Benefits also include better sleep, improved moods, pain control, lower body acidity, and reduction of stress and toxins. The heat from far infrared prevents the growth of bacteria and molds.It has been shown that far infrared elevates the body’s core temperature, stimulating the immune system. The body will activate its immune system any time its core temperature rises above the norm, which explains the rold of fever during a cold. This stimulation of the immune system helps the body to more quickly rid itself of illnesses.

What are the Benefits of the IonCleanse® system?

The IonCleanse® system helps the body to release toxins and attain a condition of ease and balance. This footbath creates deep relaxation within the body, which in itself is therapeutic. According to Dr. Benson in his book, The Relaxation Response, “Sixty to ninety percent of visits to physicians are for conditions related to stress.” Relaxation counters stress and has broad benefits, which include reduction of pain, restoration of sleep, decrease of fatigue and increase of motivation, to name a few.

What are the Benefits of Using Far Infrared with the IonCleanse® system?

Detoxification mechanisms in the body may not effectively expel toxins because the lymph system, liver, colon and kidneys may be impaired. Any form of accelerated detox, such as with a far infrared sauna, will further stress these organs. Use of the IonCleanse® machine reduces those stresses.

As stated earlier, the far infrared sauna loosens toxins from the cells and the IonCleanse® footbath aids the body in pulling these toxins out of the body. Additionally, the far infrared sauna detoxification and normalization of body processes, synergistically supported by the IonCleanse® system, will continue for many hours after the session.

What Other Modalities are Supported by the IonCleanse® Process?

The IonCleanse® system complements most modalities. For example, our ionic footbath is offered by massage therapists, medical spas, chiropractors, and naturopaths, to name a few. Each of these fields helps the body to release toxins and return to a less stressed and less toxic state and the results are enhanced by the footbath.

For home users, a healthy diet and exercise will help create a healthy lifestyle and regular IonCleanse® sessions will take it to a higher level.

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