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IonCleanse® Premier® Ionic Footbath System – “A Business in a Box”

In our more than ten years of manufacturing, marketing, and selling the IonCleanse® detoxification machine, we at AMD have come to realize that owning an ionic foot bath unit is just the first step toward developing a devoted detox footbath clientele. Our natural evolution of thought has resulted in the ionCleanse footbath package – “a business in a box” – all of the tools a practitioner needs to learn the intricacies of ionic footbath detoxification, integrate this process with other protocols and services, and make it a healthful and profitable addition to the office. This package is yours when you purchase an IonCleanse® Premier® system.

The ever-meaningful adage “you get what you pay for” is certainly true when it comes to owning a detox foot bath. Footbath packages run the gamut from the most basic – an inexpensive machine with no proven safety standards, an array, some salt, and a couple of pages of sometimes poorly written instructions – to the most inclusive, our IonCleanse® ionic footbath system “a business in a box” which provides you with everything you need for a seamless start and longterm success. Our package contains the following:

  • A machine that has passed government regulatory and safety standards and is backed by our exclusive “5 and 1” warranty
  • A protective and attractive custom-designed carrying case made from high-impact ABS plastic
  • A complete set of accessories to begin giving sessions immediately: a footbath tub and liners, an array with replacement plates, cleanser for the array, and salt for the water
  • Well-written and well-designed marketing materials to stimulate client interest, educate them on the importance of detoxification and explain how ionic footbath detoxification works. These include:
    • Colorful posters and charts that make attractive displays for your office
    • A promotional DVD that can be played in your office waiting room
    • Informational brochures for clients and prospective clients
  • An instructional video that walks you through the setup, operation, and maintenance of the unit, reviews contraindications, and answers most frequently asked questions.
  • A comprehensive and easy-to-understand marketing plan with tips, printable visual aids, and strategies for building your ionic footbath business in the shortest amount of time
  • A free practitioner listing on A Major Difference’s website

The picture above illustrates for you the significant difference between AMD’s “business in a box” (left) and the incomplete package from a competitor, (right); what is not pictured are the intangibles you also get from a company that has been in business for over ten years and has an A+BBB rating: the highest quality of customer service, support, knowledge, and education.

Our expertise comes from the thousands of hours we have spent providing consultations and advice to our customers; teaching them what we have learned and listening to and learning from their experiences and successes with their clientele. The customer service we provide, along with continuing education in the form of webinars and updated articles, is ongoing support for the business tools you receive when you make your purchase.

Poise yourself for success and find out more about owning your own IonCleanse® Premier® system’s “Business in a Box.” Contact our sales department at 303-755-0112 option 1.

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