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Neill Moroney Heads Up A Major Difference

With the passing of Dr. Robert Moroney, his son Neill assumed full control of AMD and it became a time of retrospection and recommitment.

The transition time for A Major Difference has appeared seamless, because Neill had been a large part of the company since his college days when, during his summer breaks, he worked side by side with his father. Dr. Moroney guided Neill's work behind the scene, as Neill became instrumental in AMD's direction and growth. Probably Neill's first hands-on contribution to the world's No. 1 ionic foot bath was improvement to the design of the metal plates, making them easier and faster to install. Neill was responsible for making sure the IonCleanse® system met the safety requirements for FCC and CE certification. There is no other manufacturer in our industry that has met the standard for such certification. Certification means AMD clients can be assured that both IonCleanse® systems are the safest footbaths of their type on the market.

One of AMD's finest attributes is concern for its customers. As the economy became more challenging, Neill had to use some creative thinking to make the IonCleanse® foot detox machine economically feasible to everyone who wanted the benefits of the world's best, full-body detoxification, without sacrificing quality. One way was to add a second, less complicated model to the line, called the Solo®. The Solo® unit has one, pre-set program that is suitable for most people.  Next, Neill engineered the Pay-Per-Cleanse® program. It was designed for professionals and laypeople, alike, to have full access to full-body detoxification with minimal initial cash outlay and low monthly payments that could be applied toward the purchase of a new machine.

Right around the time the economy took a blow, it became apparent to Neill that two directions needed immediate attention to help AMD's clients use their IonCleanse® footbaths more effectively: training, and marketing.

(1) Training. Neill recognized that the industry was young and there was not a lot of information available. In response to this lack in the marketplace, he set up a webinar certification program with the goal in mind that professionals, as well as they laypeople, could learn how best to utilize the technology they now owned. This program was meant to instill confidence in AMD's clients that they were making optimal use of their equipment to the benefit of their own clients.

(2) Marketing. It was obvious that most of AMD's professional clients were left entirely to their own devices about how to position the IonCleanse® unit in their business. The IonCleanse® system was an obvious fit with most CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) practices; however, without existing precedent as to how to integrate, efforts were largely trial and error. Neill collaborated with his sales manager and, with ten years of experience in the industry at their fingertips, they were able to analyze and cull the successful practices from general IonCleanse® usage and prepare a Marketing Plan that was subsequently made available to all of AMD's professional clients.

Neill revisited Dr. Robert Moroney's mission statement for AMD and now, as President of A Major Difference, he continues the basic elements of life Dr. Moroney wanted to help maintain: health, vigor, and activity; in short, enhanced quality of life for a lifetime of living.

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