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Is an Ion Machine the Best Choice for Full Body Detox?

Most of us realize that we do not need to live near large factories or wastelands to be exposed to the hazards of environmental toxins. Toxins enter our bodies through seemingly harmless households products (for example antibacterial soap, cleaning products, toothpaste, and plastic food containers). We are exposed to an onslaught of these toxins every day.

Most of us however, would probably be surprised at the amount of toxins we have in our bodies. For example, Americans have higher levels of flame retardants in their bodies than the people of any other country in the world. However, the encouraging news is that there is a wide variety of options to choose from to help you detox your body. The most effective, and also one of the most popular of the various methods available today, is the ion-based cleansing system.

If you have researched detox programs or spoken to an expert, you may already be familiar with ionic footbath technology. To explain it simply, the ion-based cleansing system is based on the electrolysis of water, which brings about a total body detoxification over a series of footbath sessions. We will use as an example our IonCleanse® system, the leading ion machine on the market today, in order to explain the process.

A typical IonCleanse® ion foot cleanse foot bath session lasts 30 minutes. An array is placed in a tub filled with about 3 inches of warm water, a small amount of salt is added, if needed. The person undergoing the ion foot cleanse session places his or her feet in the water and the machine is turned on. A small direct current is delivered through the array’s metal plates into the water, generating positively and negatively charged ions. These ions neutralize charged toxins in the person’s body.

The IonCleanse® system creates an ionic field that neutralizes heavy metals and other toxins and draws them safely out of the body. Some toxins will exit through the feet (which contain the largest pores in the human body), while other toxins will exit through sweat, urine, and other natural body functions.

The IonCleanse® ionic footbath is the safest, most effective, and noninvasive detoxification modality available anywhere. Click here for more information.

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