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Marketing Your IonCleanse® System with Facebook – Volume 3

The most visited website in the world behind Google is Facebook, which recently jumped ahead of Yahoo for that spot. Social networking can be an important marketing tool for a practitioner with an IonCleanse® detoxification machine. A Facebook page allows you to maintain contact with your clientele, keep them informed, and keep your brand name in front of them. Three ways Facebook can benefit your marketing efforts are to:

  1. Share educational information, experiences and testimonials
  2. Alert clients to special sales and promotions 
  3. Attract new clients

Newsletters and emails are still an effective marketing tool; however, there are some serious obstacles to their use: spam filters may send your newsletter to the junk folder, some people may not read their emails regularly and others may delete emails without reading them because of the sheer volume they receive daily.

How to Create a Facebook Account

In order to create a Facebook account, go to You will first be asked to create a personal page which contains your profile – personal information such as your address, date of birth, etc. Creating your personal page is as easy as signing up for an online purchase on any website.  Once you have created your personal page you can then create a page for your business and invite people to become a “fan” of (or to use the updated terminology to “like”) your page. You are then ready to utilize this free marketing tool.

Practical Examples of the Uses of Your Facebook Page

For example, you decide to create a Facebook account with a personal page and then create a page for your business. You then invite your clientele to become a “fan” of your page. You may decide to use this page to share something interesting about vitamin D, or to inform your clientele of a new supplement you are carrying. You can educate your clientele about important new research in relation to ionic foot cleanse. You may promote a dietary plan or alert everyone to a limited time special on products and accessories. This is also the perfect place to upload your interesting testimonials. Your clients can watch their IonCleanse® testimonials and easily share them with others. If one of your clients has given a testimonial about a condition, take gout for instance, you can post this video headlining the gout and direct others, such as perspective new clients, to take a look. It is a nice way to create viral marketing.

How Your Clients Learn of Your Facebook Posts

There are several ways your clientele learn about your posts. Some of them may elect to be alerted through email every time you update your page, others who visit their Facebook regularly can view your posts to their walls.

Take Advantage of the Social Aspect of Facebook

Social media expert Ingrid Elfver says that to be successful you need to understand the different personalities of each social network. Facebook is about the quality aspects of relationships ‘€“ friendship and loyalty. You are allowed to send pictures, audios and videos within your messages. Facebook is most effective when used to send messages that share information and help stay in touch interspersed with ones that offer sales and promotions.

Facebook provides an easy way to stay in contact with your existing clients, keep them informed and to motivate them to take advantage of specials. It can also attract new clients.

Best of all, Facebook is FREE!

See how A Major Difference, Inc. uses Facebook by visiting our page.

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