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Marketing your IonCleanse® – Volume 2 – Video Testimonials

Last year AMD held a drawing, the grand prize being a new IonCleanse® detox foot bath. The winner was chosen from video testimonials that were submitted through During the few months of the contest we received calls from practitioners who would have loved to participate but did not have the equipment to make the videos or the expertise to post them.

While winning a great prize is a wonderful bonus, video testimonials can be invaluable as a marketing tool for your practice, one that is inexpensive to make and easy to utilize as files saved on your computer, DVDs made for your waiting room, or postings to be viewed on YouTube and Facebook (Facebook, a website that is now the second most-visited website, behind only Google, will be discussed in our next newsletter).

Take Advantage of the Positive Experiences You Listen to Daily

As a practitioner you have people using the IonCleanse® ionic foot bath throughout the day and no doubt routinely hear about their enjoyment using the footbath and their excitement over positive results. So you have a continual supply of raw material in your office to use for great testimonial videos.

A collection of these videos can be used to create:

  1. Files on your computer organized in any way you choose (for example, by health condition) which you can quickly access.
  2. A DVD montage to educate clients in your waiting room/reception area.
  3. Your own channel to inform people on the internet of the experiences of others.
  4. A Facebook page of testimonials to help keep your brand visible.

The Equipment for Creating Video Testimonials is Inexpensive and Easy to Use

“The Flip” is one example of an inexpensive video recorder. This little camcorder, the size of a cell phone, has a USB attachment which allows you to download your videos quickly and easily to a computer, no extra software needed. Currently, you can buy one for as little as $150. It can easily fit into your briefcase or purse and be available when an opportunity presents itself.

Downloading your video from your computer onto is just as easy. To use YouTube you need to create an account, a process that is the same as if you were signing up to make purchases on a retail website. Once you have an account you have access to a link for uploading videos. You simply locate the video files on your computer and upload them onto YouTube. You will be asked to provide such information as a title and description of the video.

Take Advantage of Video Testimonials Every Chance You Get

The effective use of video testimonials was witnessed by AMD’s Dr. Shelly at a weight loss seminar. The seminar leader told his audience that he continually creates video testimonials to help promote his weight loss program. When a participant has something good to say, he tells that participant how great it would be for someone else to hear it. He asks permission to videotape the testimonial for the benefit of others.

Dr. Shelly uses the Flip in her own practice to videotape footbath sessions as well as personal stories.

You can store your testimonials as files on your computer according to the type of health issue addressed. When a prospective new client comes in, you can easily access the testimonial for them. It makes it easier to sell a new client.

You can combine your star testimonials into a three- or four-minute video to be played in your waiting room. You will probably need professional help, but again the investment would be small. Any production facility, a recording studio, could create this DVD for you. You could make your DVD a very simple collection of testimonials, or you could also enhance it with soothing background music. If you own a Mac computer, you may find it easy enough to create the DVD yourself. A PC computer would require the purchase of extra software.

The montage in your waiting room gives you the opportunity to expand your client base. For example, you may have a client in your waiting room who watches a testimonial about a condition that a friend has, who might then refer that friend to your office.

As an IonCleanse® practitioner you can capture your clients’ footbaths and easily create a video diary to share with ongoing as well as new or prospective clients. Video testimonials can effectively and inexpensively promote your practice and expand your client base. And, who knows? A new IonCleanse® detox foot spa may be in your future with our contest/drawing at the end of this year!

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