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AMD’s “refer-a-friend” referral program rewards our current customers for sharing their stories with friends and colleagues. Every time a new customer purchasesĀ (and keeps) an IonCleanse by AMD package because of your efforts, you will receive up to $400 cash money!

Do you know someone who could benefit from the IonCleanse by AMD?

As most of you know, AMD is prohibited from discussing anything that could be construed as a medical claim for treatment, prevention, or diagnosis. AMD has been able to help thousands of people when customers just like you share their experiences with family, friends, and colleagues. We believe that if you take time to discuss the benefits of the IonCleanse by AMD with others, you should be rewarded for your time and effort. AMD has, from the very beginning in 2002, offered a referral program with great success. The details of the program are as follows:

  • Refer a new customer to AMD for purchase of an IonCleanse Solo or IonCleanse Premier package. Do your best to make sure they mention your name during checkout (either on the phone or online). We also offer affiliate links, more about that below.
  • Referral payments are made up to 90 days after the sale. AMD has a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee on all unit purchases; the 60 days do not start until the customers receive their package.
  • When your referral check comes due, we call and/or email you with 3 options:
    • Take the money – very simple, we will mail you a check.
    • Trade the money for reward points to use on our website. If you select this option you will receive a 25% bonus. For example, if your referral fee was $250, you will receive reward points equal to $312.50. The reward points are governed by the program rules, and you cannot trade your points back for cash.
    • DonateĀ to charity – we pick from our group of selected charities.

This is not a multi-level marketing program as the referral fee is paid only on the first unit purchased. The referral fees (rebates) can only be earned by customers who own or are currently leasing our systems. We also reserve the right to change or alter our referral program at any time; however, this program has remained largely unchanged since 2002.

Affiliate links

An affiliate link is a unique URL (web addresses) that we can create for you to post online. The URL takes your referrals to our website and tracks their purchases for up to 60 days after they first click the link. We run reports every month and pay our referral fees for these purchases as described above. You can use these links on websites, social media, blogs, and anywhere else a link can be posted. If you are a current customer and would like your custom referral link, fill out the form below.

Please call or email ( if you have any question regarding this program.

Thank you for your continued support!

Neill Moroney
A Major Difference


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