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Special Bio-Cleanse® Trade-In

AMD has learned that Bio-Cleanse® Technologies has recently closed its doors. As a leader in the detox foot bath industry, AMD would like to support those who own this unit and has therefore re-instituted its popular trade-in offer.

Owners of the Bio-Cleanse® can trade in their units and receive $1,500 toward the purchase of an IonCleanse® Premier™ or $1,000 toward the purchase of an IonCleanse® Solo™.

If you own another detoxifying foot bath such as an Aqua Chi, Aqua Detox®, EB-305 or EB-Pro, Bella Spa Foot Bath, or any other ionic foot bath, AMD will give you a trade-in discount equal to the lessor of: (1) the original purchase price of your ionic foot bath, or (2) $1,500 if purchasing the Premier™ or $1,000 if purchasing the Solo™.

Owning an IonCleanse® gives you access to our expert and timely customer service, our in-house naturopathic doctors to help in your clinical situations, as well as knowledge and experience from over nine years in the industry.

The trade-in discounts can only be applied to the regular retail price of the IonCleanse® units. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials. Offer expires March 31, 2015.

Please contact AMD at 877-315-8638 to trade-in your machine.

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