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Earn an extra $1000 per week!

The IonCleanse® foot bath quickly provides a generous income stream for the practitioner. The national average charge for a session is $40. Just two sessions per day, will pay back your initial investment of $2,895 in less than 37 days. Backed by our marketing brochures and expert clinical support, your IonCleanse® clientele will expand rapidly. The IonCleanse® ionic foot bath is so successful that 70% of practitioners purchase a second unit within 90 days.

The chart below outlines the weekly gross income you can expect to receive based on different session charges and number of sessions per week. Most practitioners easily book five IonCleanse® foot bath sessions per day. At that rate, you will earn an extra $1,000 per week!

AMD recommends giving free sessions to clients after the initial equipment purchase. Once the clients realize the benefits from using the IonCleanse®, packages of six to ten sessions can be sold to them at a 10% discount. At $40 per session, it would take less than eight people to sign up for a package of ten to completely pay for the unit.

The IonCleanse® foot bath comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you have not recouped most of your investment within the first 30-days, return the unit for a full refund less shipping fees. YOU HAVE A NO-RISK OPPORTUNITY.

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