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Supplementation and the IonCleanse® by AMD

We at AMD are regularly asked two questions: 1) is supplementation essential with IonCleanse® therapy and 2) does the therapy itself pull out needed vitamins and minerals. The answer to both of these questions is ‘€œno’€. I will explain how we have come to this conclusion.

In early 2000 my father, who led an overall healthy lifestyle with a near-perfect diet, plenty of supplements, and no addictions, was puzzled when he was diagnosed with osteopenia (the precursor to osteoporosis); how could that be, when was doing everything right. Shortly after receiving this diagnosis he was introduced to the detox foot bath for the very first time. After feeling results immediately from his first session, he began using the therapy as recommended for people over 50 years of age, about 2-3 times per week. Preoccupied with the foot bath, he did not change his diet, supplement regimen, or introduce any other therapy, even with the osteopenia diagnosis. Some time passed (I am not 100% sure of the time frame, possibly about 6 months) when he decided to test a theory he was developing. He went back for another bone scan.

In support of his theory, he found that his bones were normal ‘€“ no more osteopenia! At 61 years of age, he was able to regain bone density. So what had happened?

Toxicity affects the body in numerous ways. For one, it can block proper absorption of key vitamins and other nutrients. Removing toxicity will allow the body to function better and to improve its assimilation of nutrition. The body can thus better utilize the nutrition it ingests’€”not only from supplementation but also from natural food sources. With the removal of toxins, my father realized that everything he ingested became more effective! His body could put key nutrients to work in a way it had probably struggled to do for a very long time.

So, to the question,’€œshould I supplement the IonCleanse® by AMD therapy with nutritional support’€ ‘€“ after 14+ years of experience with the therapy and talking to countless alternative healthcare practitioners here is my answer:

I do not know of any practitioner who has determined that any of their clients’€™ diets are sufficient to forgo some form of supplementation; that is, everyone needs nutritional support. Given our depleted and toxic environment, everyone would probably benefit from 2 or 3 supplements, even with a perfectly wonderful organic diet.*

That said, it is not necessary to recommend or introduce additional support solely because you have incorporated the IonCleanse® by AMD into your practice or lifestyle. I caution people every day that over-supplementation (especially in children with autism) is a big problem and promotes toxicity ‘€“ the very thing we’€™re trying to combat. Likewise, taking minerals or supplements without some guidance is not a good idea either. Notice I did not specify which 2 or 3 minimal supports one should be taking. That would depend upon your history and your physiology. I suggest working with a practitioner who knows and understands lab work; and in the case of children with autism, a practitioner who also knows and understands epigenetics. Kids on the spectrum have an especially difficult time with certain vitamins and supplements. Contrary to what many practitioners in the autism community tout, less can definitely be more. Every case is unique and should be treated as such.

So then, does the IonCleanse® by AMD pull out the ‘€œgood stuff’€, the nutrients that the body needs? The detox process will not remove vitamin or mineral supplements that the body has assimilated and is using. However, if there is excess, or the body cannot absorb and assimilate some of the nutrition, then yes, the therapy could pull out some of that, but that is what detox is all about ‘€“ helping the body to get rid of the ‘€œstuff’€ it cannot use.

To conclude, here are my main points:

  • Every child and adult would benefit from taking some form of supplementation in addition to a good, clean, organic diet.
  • Supplementation should be individualized to fit each unique person.
  • Additional supplements or minerals are not necessary when incorporating the IonCleanse® by AMD.
  • Detoxification will help the body to BETTER assimilate all of the nutrition it is taking in.

Detoxification is one of the 3 Pillars of health. It is not meant to be a panacea. However, western culture has not taken detoxification seriously enough’€¦at least not yet. We believe that detoxification, along with the correct diet, supplementation, an exercise program, and mental/emotional stress management techniques; will provide anyone a long, healthy, joyous life.


*I take 7 supplements daily and I have a very good diet. This protocol was developed by my doctor, who is an expert at interpreting blood work, hair analysis, and urine tests.

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