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The IonCleanse® Benefit We Can Talk About

As a manufacturer of an alternative health device that is constrained by FDA regulations, there is a lot of territory AMD cannot enter when it comes to sharing the experiences of our customers, who are both practitioners and lay people. However, there is one area we can discuss freely. The benefit of relaxation.

First: Imagine for a moment that someone had invented a pill that could lower your blood-pressure, reduce irritability, reduce muscle tension and chronic pain, improve your mood, increase blood flow to major organs, improve concentration, reduce anger and frustration, and boost confidence to handle problems. With no undesirable side effects. That someone would most likely have a patent worth billions of dollars.

Now: While this pill has yet to be invented, all of these healthy conditions can be cultivated through relaxation*, a state that is often easier to conceptualize, than it is to attain as we go about our daily lives. Yet, the value of relaxation cannot be understated. In his book, "The Relaxation Response," Dr. Robert Benson scientifically documents physiological changes that occur when subjects in his experiments use relaxation techniques, changes that go beyond a placebo effect; they occur whether a subject believes or not. A 2005 study at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Medicine in Massachusetts showed that the relaxation response increased nitric oxide through the body, which has a healthy influence on the body's antibacterial, antiviral, and stress responses – effects that can protect the body from microbes and immune problems.

And: A sense of relaxation is one of the most common experiences people report when asked how they feel after an IonCleanse® detoxification session. Relaxation is one of the ways in which AMD's machine supports the body's healing and detoxification processes. Alone, or as a complement to other modalities, the IonCleanse® foot detox machines provide the internal relaxation that enables toxins to move and a little extra push to help them leave. For more information about our IonCleanse® units, visit our home page Or call us at 1-877-315-8638 and our staff will be delighted to answer any questions.

*Taken from the Mayo Clinic website

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