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“Two Feet at a Time”: Reflexology and the IonCleanse® Foot Bath

AMD gets great pleasure in "detoxifying the planet two feet at a time." This sentiment seems exceptionally apropos when the IonCleanse® machine is used in conjunction with reflexology, a touch modality using pressure points on the feet, hands or ears that has roots in history going back thousands of years. Long before modern medicine was even an idea, there are records from around the world documenting that touch has been used as a way of healing. From China there are 5000-year-old texts noting the effects of pressure point techniques. These pressure points were used as a method of healing and, in the martial arts, as a method of battle to disarm and disable opponents. There was no official research to prove or disprove the techniques.

The beginning of modern reflexology is generally traced to the early 1900s, but also did not at that time have the means to prove or disprove that stimulation of a pressure point could create change in a body's systems. Since then, however, hundreds of studies have been carried out proving reduction of stress and anxiety, lessening of pain, and, in general, stimulation of the reflexive organs. The reflexive organ is the one that is stimulated by whichever pressure point is being palpated. If the reflexologist is working the stomach area of the foot (or hand or ear), the stomach is the reflexive organ. If the reflexologist is touching the kidney area of the foot (or hand, or ear), the kidney is the reflexive organ.

There are different theories of how exactly Reflexology works, including balancing Chi energy, which is considered "life force," and opening up blocked or congested passages of bio-electrical energy. Some believe that nerve pathways become unable to transmit impulses due to chemical deposits and reflexology helps clear away these deposits from nerve endings. Still another specific response attributed to reflexology is stimulation of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and filters toxins from the body and, one may surmise, the better it functions, the better it filters toxins from the body.
All in all, most reflexologists will agree that the greatest benefit of reflexology is the stimulation and improved functioning of all of the body's organs and systems. With improved functioning comes additional waste that must be eliminated from the body through the cleansing organs. Additionally, systems are assaulted by toxins taken into the body from today's polluted environment; that is, toxins that are ingested with the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. Approximately 25 percent of AMD's professional practitioners fall into the reflexology/massage category. Many of these practitioners have noticed that the bath water from those of their clients who take an IonCleanse® session after reflexology is deeper in color.

It is clear that detoxification is more important today than ever before; that is, in today's environment, the most polluted in all of earth's recorded history.  For over ten years, AMD has manufactured and made available to professional practitioners and to lay people, alike, the world's leading, most reliable foot detoxification machines. AMD will continue its pursuit to "detoxify the planet two feet at a time."

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