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A Major Difference – 10 Years of Detoxification

AMD celebrates the company’s 10th anniversary with gratitude mixed with a sense of loss, resolution, and commitment. The Moroney family experienced the loss of AMD’s founder, Dr. Bob Moroney, who died in January this year as he was preparing his second book, Total Body Detoxification, for publication.* We are grateful for his legacy ‘€“ the wisdom from his many years of research, along with his clinical and personal experiences in healing that pioneered ionic footbath therapy and created AMD’s IonCleanse® ionic foot bath. Bob’s son Neill, President of AMD, is committed to continue offering the integrity of information, quality of equipment, and service and expertise of customer support that have always been our hallmark.

The proverbial seeds of AMD were planted one day in 1998 when Bob was introduced to an unusual foot detox machine. Through his wide range of contacts and extensive research and study in the alternative health field, Bob had experienced and experimented with many healing modalities and devices. None impressed him as much as the detoxification machine. When asked what made his first session so special, he would fondly recount how he felt immediate relief from pain, and mobility in his stiff ankle that he had not experienced in years.
As Bob worked with a basic footbath model for the first year and a half, he discerned the need for multiple programs and the switching of electrical current polarities to satisfy varying customer needs. From his early experiences ‘€“ visiting trade shows with Neill where they administered footbath sessions, and listening to practitioner and user feedback ‘€“ he knew a more versatile unit was needed. The result was the IonCleanse® system and the beginning of AMD. Footbath therapy soon became very popular through these trade shows and the resulting word-of-mouth reviews. As the business expanded, Bob and Neill worked closely together to make AMD an internet presence as well. 
With the creation of his own unit and company, Bob was able to dedicate himself to providing not only a quality product, but the customer support and clinical help that make the IonCleanse® experience the most satisfying, effective, and safest on the market. That dedication continues through his son and the rest of his family and valued staff. No other ionic footbath has passed all of the government safety standards and no other company has the 10-year track record AMD enjoys.

At AMD we feel rewarded with the daily calls we receive from people who have used and appreciate the IonCleanse® footbath’s value as a healing unit. We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service and for the continuing support of our many practitioners and users and the interesting and sometimes amazing stories they share with us. We are all committed to continue offering the highest quality product and service as well as the most up-to-date clinical support available.

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