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Overnight Repair Service: The Ultimate Insurance

Most companies avoid addressing the fact that their machines will sometimes break down. However, AMD is proud of their extraordinarily low breakdown rate of 1% to 2% and turns it into opportunity; that is, opportunity for AMD customers. AMD takes advantage of having the industry's lowest failure rate to offer their Premier® customers a full year of overnight repair service.

The overnight repair service is offered as part of the 5-and-1 warranty for the Premier® foot detox machine. (We offer the service as a part of the Premier® package only, because the Solo® detoxification machine is generally purchased for personal use and, as such, overnight service is generally not as urgent. The overnight service for the Solo® model may, however, be purchased if desired.) If a Premier® IonCleanse® system fails due to a manufacturer's defect during its first year of operation, AMD will pay to have a temporary unit delivered overnight to the practitioner, will pay to have the practitioner's unit returned to AMD for repair, and will pay to have the repaired unit sent back to the practitioner. In that way, any loss encountered by the practitioner is minimized. This service is offered to US residents only.

Nothing is perfect in this life, and AMD considers its overnight repair service to be insurance against the slightest possibility of a breakdown. Taking the practitioner's point of view, AMD realized that any downtime can be costly and that the common warranty, covering only repairs, leaves the practitioner facing lost income. At an average of 5 cleanses per day at $40 each, 7 days' downtime would result in $1,400 of lost revenue, and 10 days' downtime would result in $2,000 of lost revenue.

AMD considers a practitioner's loss of revenue due to a manufacturer's defect to be below the standard of support AMD's customers have come to respect. It is an awesome responsibility to make the overnight-repair offer and it's an offer AMD can make only because of the reliability of the IonCleanse® systems. No one else in the ionic detoxification footbath industry offers such a warranty, and it's easy to understand why. First, the product must have an extraordinarily low breakdown rate. With a higher breakdown rate, the cost would be prohibitive. Second, the manufacturer must be willing to "put its money where its mouth is," so to speak, when it comes to customer support.

With such a perfect record, why bother? Even though AMD has the utmost confidence in its IonCleanse® system, they will do what it takes to assure its practitioners, every one of them, will face no downtime from an IonCleanse® Premier® unit during the first year of use. Protecting our practitioners' revenue is one reason the IonCleanse® machine is the world's #1 selling detoxification footbath system!

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