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IonCleanse by AMD Ionic Foot Bath: The Medical Grade Difference

At AMD we emphasize to our customers that our array delivers a clean, filtered current into our IonCleanse detox foot bath water. We elevate this feature to a prominent position because it is necessary both for safety and effective detoxification. The source of the filtered current that runs through our array, creating the ionic field to detoxify the body, is a power supply. The difference in standards set for our medical grade power supply and the nonmedical power supplies used by other ionic foot bath systems derives largely from the differences in the intended applications.

Medical grade power supplies

Ionic foot baths need a power supply to convert alternating current (AC), which comes out of your electrical outlets, to direct current (DC). Medical devices also utilize DC, a current that is safe to interact with the human body. AC is not safe (you may even remember being warned by your parents not to put your fingers into outlets). Electronic devices, such as your computer, also use DC current to operate.

Medical grade power supplies satisfy operating and safety standards that protect both patients and caregivers from the hazard of receiving an electric shock. We believe that because an ionic detox foot bath also interacts with the human body, we must apply the same safety standards for our customers. If you use a power supply designed to charge a car or computer, the standards are far less stringent than those for one that services equipment interacting with a human body.

Protection from what?


Leakage Current

One stringent safety standard for medical grade power supplies involves something called leakage current. Insulating materials separate AC input from DC output. There is a certain amount of leakage from these insulating materials that takes place and a system is in place for grounding that current, that is, sending it into the earth. This grounding keeps the current from going where you do not want it to — for example, the human body. Medical grade power supplies require stringent limits on leakage current so that, even if something goes wrong and the leakage current is not grounded, it is low enough to do no harm to the patient or caregiver. Power supplies for other uses, such as batteries for cars or computers, do not need to meet these standards. An ionic foot bath detox system using this type of supply leaves its users vulnerable to an electric shock if the grounding falters.

To illustrate what could go wrong, take the example of a child doing a detox cleanse in a bathtub. Leakage current from a non-medical grade power supply could result in an electric shock as it travels a path from the wall socket to the unit, to the array in the water, through the body of the child, to the faucet on its way to the ground. Modern plumbing is a source of grounding to the earth. A very small amount of leakage current through the body can do harm.

The IonCleanse by AMD ionic detox foot bath power supply passed government-regulated leakage test standards for a medical device.


Dirty Electricity

AMD’s filtered current shows up as an almost unbroken straight line on an oscilloscope. A straight line is the signature of DC. This is important for creating an environment in which your body can relax.

The IonCleanse by AMD’s filtered current and patented technology helps you to relax, to enter the rest and digest mode. Your body can then detox not only during a session but also for three to five days afterwards. In contrast, a power source designed for a nonmedical application, such as charging a computer, creates dirty electricity. If you review ways to eliminate harmful EMFs, one suggestion you will encounter is to work on your laptop using the battery rather than having it plugged into the power source in order to reduce EMF exposure. The dirty electricity that comes from electronic devices upsets the body’s nervous system stressing instead of relaxing it.


Damage to Other Electrical Devices in the Home or Office

A medical grade power supply, as a matter of course, must also pass FCC regulatory standards for conductive and radiated emissions. These standards regulate two kinds of emissions that can interfere with and damage other electrical devices using the same electrical network.

An ionic foot bath that does not conform to these standards has the potential to damage your TVs, computers, and any other electrical devices in your home or office. You can reference our previous blog post on conducted emissions here.

Other IonCleanse by AMD Ionic Foot Bath System Features

Our medical grade power source sets the stage for the next IonCleanse by AMD detox foot bath feature. The clean, filtered current travels to the unit that has been thoughtfully programmed to give you the safest, most effective, most reliable foot bath sessions for many years to come. Experience the difference today and purchase an IonCleanse by AMD.

Coming soon: The 70-30 difference.

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