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IonCleanse by AMD Detox Foot Bath: The Importance of Routine for Health

We at AMD encourage people to fit the IonCleanse by AMD detox foot bath system into their healthy lifestyle regimen, whether they are beginning a detox series of sessions for the first time or are continuing with a maintenance program. Planning to stay healthy in today’s toxic environment is challenging. Without doubt, we live with more chemicals than ever before assaulting us by air, food, and drink. Eliminating a buildup of toxins and staying one step ahead of a toxic load is imperative and finding a time-effective protocol is a must. Moreover, creating a routine is also important in a broader sense. Northwestern Medicine spells out the ways it can improve life in general:  

    • Better stress levels  
    • Better sleep  
    • Better Overall eating habits  
    • Better physical condition  
    • More efficient Use of time

Routine as Therapy

Routine is powerful. It can not only help you sustain health, but also maximize  your potential and heal. Here are just two examples from aspects of life that have touched a significant number of us.

Routine in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy has been used to treat special needs children, including  children with autism. The focus of ABA has changed from trying to make  individuals on the spectrum neural typical to helping them develop skills to function independently in their real world. An important part of today’s ABA therapy involves integrating therapy with the family’s daily routines. 

“An enormous amount of learning can take place when children are involved in daily routines such as bathing, feeding, playing, diaper changing and riding in a car – things that parents do with their children every day.  These daily events provide opportunities for repetitive learning in a natural, enjoyable yet structured way.”1 

Children with autism tend to arrange their world in restricted, repetitive routine, which is often demonstrated by their attention to organizing their toys or personal care items down to the smallest detail. It has been found that the feeling of stability achieved from routine actually helps these children cope with changes that are outside of their routine.   

Routine in Adult Recovery from Addictions 

Establishing routine has been found to be very important in addiction recovery, particularly in the early stages of recovery. Rita Milios, LCSW, is a contributing author to the website She writes about the importance of establishing routine to a successful bid for recovery from addiction. Once established, the new routine behavior becomes “the ‘default’ setting, replacing the old setting for a particular behavior.” 

Before recovery the person struggling with an addiction (illegal drugs, prescription pharmaceuticals, alcohol, food) is leading a chaotic existence rife with anxiety. This is true, regardless of how well-functioning the person looks on the outside. Using drugs or alcohol or, even, food is the addict’s go-to response to loneliness, boredom, anxiety, or depression. Locating a reliable supply for the drug of choice is nearly always an issue (except, of course, for alcohol and food, which can be purchased virtually any time of the day or night at a store conveniently located). Creating a routine that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit will put the recovering person back in control. The benefit of a well-planned routine will build on itself. The body becomes stronger and cleaner with more energy. The mind becomes quick again, not dulled from hangover or withdrawals. The spirit becomes unfettered and confident

IonCleanse Detox System Supports Healing Therapies

At A Major Difference (AMD), detoxifying the body is considered the third pillar of health. This is true for the adult, for the special needs youngster, or the person looking to heal from an addiction. Having received reports from some parents that the IonCleanse ionic foot bath was helping their child with special needs, AMD set out to learn more and became a sponsor of TACA, an autism support group. Another area of success has been its use to support addiction recovery. One customer testimonial explained how the IonCleanse by AMD helped a teenager addicted to methamphetamine get past the very difficult cravings that come from the drug’s chemicals, which include heavy metals, that linger in the body. 

Planning a Strategy to Cleanse 

It’s been nearly two decades since AMD designed and built the most effective total body detoxification system that is now sold worldwide: the IonCleanse by AMD detox foot bath system. The IonCleanse has been proven to help the body eliminate toxins such as heavy metals and glyphosate, the herbicide that is filling courtrooms with people challenging its safety record. As an ionization foot bath, it is easy to use. Additionally, since it is generally used two or three times a week, not daily, it can easily become an integral part of a health routine. American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson penned the well-known quote, “The first wealth is health.” Success in this busy, chemicalized, world means finding the best, convenient detoxifying protocol and including it in your routine to make your health your first wealth.  

Click here to order your IonCleanse by AMD Solo for personal use and get started on creating your wealth in health. Or, if you are a practitioner, click here to add the IonCleanse by AMD Premier professional model to your office.


1.  Sussman, Fern, The Power of Using Everyday Routines to Promote Young Children’s Language and Social Skills,,

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